Neiman Marcus: Spring Trends 2016 Fashion Show

The NEIMAN MARCUS SPRING TRENDS Fashion Show was absolutely stunning.  I explained to all of you IN A LETTER HERE why I cover these events…and I certainly walked away with inspiration from our wonderful store at THE SHOPS OF LA CANTERA….they produce first class events.

This show featured styles from five spring trends, so I am going to divide the posts that way.  The first trend for spring is LACE, LACE, and more LACE.  

Now, I confess I was not a fan of lace until I saw some of these gorgeous designs. They might have me re-thinking my options….I could see me in black lace…or this teal.

I I wanted you to see the sleeves on this dress…beautiful…and I love the multi-colored necklace with it.
Lots of creamy white… then black lace…
This year’s runway was all about DRESSES…something I need to add more of to my wardrobe.  It seems whenever a special event rolls around I am in need and they are cooler down her for the hot summer months ahead.  These were so pretty and again, may have me trying on some lace.
How do you feel about lace?? Let us know before you go!
And watch for the next two Spring Trends next week!
Now…if you would like to listen to our Blab Talk about leaving frumpy behind!  It was a great time….BLAB RECORDING (click the link or the image)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Great dresses at the fashion show! I never used to be drawn to lace either, but lately lace has piqued my interest. I may have to look into a lace skirt or dress…

    Loved catching a bit of the Blab live. Will go back later and listen to the rest of it!

  2. Great spring selection of lace dresses. I see the high end stores as inspiration for more affordable choices. If you look hard enough can find lace at many different price points.

  3. I rarely wear dresses but perhaps there will be some wonderful lacy tops for those of us who don't. If they look like crochet so much the better. The final (black) dress was my favorite, both for the pattern and for the long sleeves. Alana

  4. These are all so lovely. I did wear lace tops instead of blouses when I wore suits to work. I like the teal dress! The long tassel necklaces are very similar to the necklaces I make and sell and I will be making some exclusively for the Katherines corner shop too. Than you for sharing these wondeful designs xo

  5. I absolutely love lace! So feminine and airy! One of my favorite things to do with it is to wear lace with jeans. I'm seeing so much in the stores, so will be adding more pieces!

  6. Is there anything my that say's "I'm a lady" more than lace? I love it and always have so I'm thrilled to see all these new styles with lace involved. Thanks for sharing Pam. And I'm no off to listen to the recording of the blab since I was unable to make it.

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