Omron Healthcare Introduces New Blood Pressure Monitors

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With close to 75 million Americans suffering from hypertension, OMRON HEALTHCARE has brought important information and two new products to the market this year, which should help all of us in the Baby Boomer generation.

“We offer many Americans peace of mind,” said Jeff Ray, Omron Healthcare’s Executive Director of Business and Technology when explaining to me the advantages of the new PROJECT ZERO Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor and the Project Zero Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

“Our wrist monitor is the smallest, lightest, clinically accurate monitor,” he said.  “It also has the ability to remind the owner about times to take medications, times to take blood pressure readings, count calories, and track activity.”  The device was not designed to be worn all of the time, but has a battery life for fifty measurements and two weeks of data to be stored in a single charge. Hence, owners seem to want to wear it longer for that peace of mind.
The wrist monitor does have Bluetooth capability and will work with the new OMRON connect App, which tracks your personal activity and health history. It also offers insights to improve your numbers and even connects your doctor as a tool for more insightful care.

However, when using the wrist monitor, the owner must remember to raise the arm to heart level before taking a blood pressure reading.  “This is why there will be some who prefer the Arm Blood Pressure Monitor,” said Ray.  This device only monitors blood pressure so it sells at a lower price point…however, it also has Bluetooth Smart Technology and allows users to sync and store readings to a smartphone or tablet with the OMRON Connect App. It is an easy device for the active user who travels a lot and is constantly on-the-go.

Ray said, “We are so excited about these devices since hypertension and heart health are such serious issues today.” Hypertension means someone has blood pressure readings higher than 140 over 90 mmttg (millimeters of mercury).  With that, their heart works harder to pump blood throughout the body.  “These are medical devices,” Ray said and designed to help those with hypertension have an affordable option to monitor their health. More questions on blood pressure may be found HERE.

Both will be available toward the end of 2016.  For updates on the products, sign up for alerts at the OMRON HEALTHCARE WEBSITE.

Have a Heart Healthy Saturday All!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the writing is my own.


  1. I've had high blood pressure for over 20 years. The advances in being able to take your own blood pressure accurately and (more importantly, in my view) easier are amazing. Alana

  2. I've recently returned a wrist blood pressure cuff because of its inaccuracy. I should have bought this brand!!! I have high blood pressure so monitor it closely at home. I'll see if my store has the Omron version. Thanks Pam.

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