Would You Wear It? Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day is Sunday…so if you are going out to dinner…would you wear this dress?  Of course, it is okay to tell us if you would wear it any where…you do not have to just comment about Valentine’s!!

This is that day of the week when I ask…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

But, please explain your answer…why or why not?



  1. Absolutely! Green is my color and I have worked diligently to keep my 66 year old body in good shape thru hiking, biking and yoga. Probably add a pashmina, although we are having a serious heat wave here in San Diego right now.

  2. I would wear this with a black jacket or cardigan, a lot of jewelry, and red nails. I would not wear it on Valentine's though, I prefer to keep it red and black for that day! xx

  3. I would love this dress!!! It is a great shade of green and I like the print. I would wear a long necklace, since there is no v-neck to help elongate my neck. And, I would probably add a jacket or wrap just in case I had a bump or two that showed. Haha

  4. Yes! The green is good on me with my strawberry blond hair. The waist definition is very flattering. Although I wish my arms were more toned, I'm happy to show some skin with the bare arms. Finally, the length is flattering and modest, and higher neckline is very much in my comfort zone. I love it and I would wear it but I wouldn't buy it. Too memorable to wear more than a few times.

  5. For a relatively short person, I have a long waist–so I like this look. I actually have a dress with this kind of cut (it's black, though) and think it's very flattering. The green and print would be a leap for me, but I'd be willing…

  6. Nice dress. I have to alter dresses like that as they're usually too big in the chest.

    Since it's goig to be 21 degrees I'll have to leave it hanging in my closet for Spring.

  7. Yes! The colors are beautiful and would look good on me as I am a redhead. I also love the fitted style as long as it came in my double digit size. I find that too many larger women dress in loose clothing that makes us look bigger. I am not thin but wear my clothing so that it fits my body. Don't do sleeveless so I would pair it with a blazer.

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