Now, these are fun shoes…and, yes, I found them at GOODWILL SA! Perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend! I know it is sometimes difficult to justify the expense of an evening out on Valentine’s…especially for those of us who have seen many celebrations over the years.  But, you know, with Goodwill around it is easy to plan a spontaneous, fun, romantic evening at home.

Why not set a table with a theme?  The dishes at Goodwill are vast and some truly beautiful.  You do not need a complete set for one special evening…just purchase what is needed for a candlelight dinner for two!

I found these gorgeous champagne flutes which were like new and just 99 cents each.  Also, wine glasses are a beautiful way to set a table with romantic votive candles inside.
Don’t forget all of the delicate tea and coffee cups. These are perfect for a floral setting to take to a friend who may not have a significant other.

After dinner, pop some popcorn in this “like new” popcorn maker and snuggle on your couch for a romantic movie.  How much fun is this to have around the house? 

GOODWILL GIVES BACK to our community with jobs, job training, and veterans assistance.  I am proud to join their blogging team again this year. And, everyone knows I love a good treasure hunt.  I found this fun denim jacket just for me!! 

No matter your budget, you can always be creative and celebrate a holiday with GOODWILL SA around!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


These pictures were taken at the Goodwill location on Highway 281N at Bitters Road.

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