Happy Monday!  I guess this outfit says… whether snow is falling or winds are blowing, bring on spring!  BRYN WALKER is a brand I discovered first at DILLARDS and every now and then they produce a garment, I simply must have!  THIS TUNIC is creative fashion for women over 50!

After reading some of the comments on Saturday’s Would You Wear It, there are readers who may not like this outfit either.  But I really do.  Just for the record, I would not wear the one from Saturday. I agreed with most of the comments, but this one is different. That particular WOULD YOU WEAR IT outfit really brought on strong emotions on the blog and Facebook.  The strongest so far of all the WYWI posts.
 But, the draping, the pocket, the color, the unique design on this garment works for my body type.
I wore it to a luncheon last week and owned that room with my confidence!  That is what a statement piece should do…give you enough confidence to own every room you enter… with a smile.

I styled it with some old faithfuls in my closet…EILEEN FISHER WHITE ANKLE PANTSSTEVE MADDEN FLATS…and three gold necklaces layered together (two from CHARMING CHARLIE, and one from THE LIMITED).

It is a fun look and one I know will get me far this spring and summer! But, a good example of how every garment by a designer will not always work for us.  You must try it on…or see it on the mannequin as we saw on Saturday.

Has anyone made a new purchase for spring you are really excited about?

Tell us what you got?

Remember, Tuesday, JENNIFER CONNOLLY, SUSAN STREET and I return to Blab to discuss fashion for women over 50.  Hope you will join us!  The link is in my sidebar with the Blab box in blue.

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