Would You Wear It…Saturday Style!

‘Tis the season for many different designs of pants!  So, I ask you about the outfit above…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Please explain your answer, so everyone can understand why!

Because it is a holiday weekend, HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT is taking a one week vacation!  Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and I will see you next weekend!  ‘Til then, please remember
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Have a joyous Saturday!


  1. The top I like, with slimmer bottoms. Not sure what you call what the mannequin is wearing for pants, but I would not wear those. To me, they look silly, and do zero to flatter the figure! I think the bottoms have spoiled the overall look.

    1. interesting. i like the pants and have a few like this from 'oh my gauze'. don't like the top at all. the style is fine, but the print is like something you'd find on a sofa!

  2. Although the colors and pattern of the top are very pretty and I like the red/orange color of the pants, I could not wear this. I prefer a more fitted shape to my pants and a top that doesn't get so wide at the hips and thighs. This outfit would fit and look like a glorified potato sack on me. I would certainly have a good laugh in the fitting room with this!

  3. No, I can't see myself wearing it. I don't like the top with the pants, but I think the top would look a lot better with different pants/leggings. I don't think the colors of the top would look very good on me either. Finally, from the picture, the material looks pretty stiff. If the top were a bit more flowy, I would like it better I think.

    Have a great day!

  4. I agree with all the comments above. The colours/pattern of the top are okay, but the fabric looks stiff and uncomfortable. The pants are just NO! I don't think the shape would flatter anyone and I definitely wouldn't wear that colour with that top.

  5. Not even at gunpoint. I have been following older women on instagram and they are all over the place. Some simply out there, like I'm old I dare you to criticize me…to things Pam wears which are lovely, to things made at arts and crafts class. I am finding my style, its not easy, but it is there

  6. This outfit is beyond hideous!!!!! For me, worthwhile clothes have movement, flow and versatility. They compliment or enhance the wearer but never dominate. Donna's gunpoint comment works for me!

  7. Ni, I can't imagine wearing it! The pants would not flatter me at all. I actually prefer a more fit look, both for pants and tops. Also, the color of the pants are too wild for me. OK for the young group maybe, but at my age it would look silly. Thanks Pam for another fun post.

  8. Absolutely not. If I was tall and thin, why hide it under this? As I am not tall or thin, this would just make me look like a giant balloon. I am just curious, which store used this as an example of spring style?

  9. I like the colors and the pattern of the top … but that is about all that is good about this outfit. The fabric of the top looks too stiff … can't imagine how it would feel when sitting down. And, those pants??? Maybe would be cute on children.

  10. I wear many variations of similar look though not such bright colours and probably better materials and certainly a better execution (the top). they are usually made of linen/viscose/silk and they are actually very floaty. I buy my mainly from OSKA (German) Masai (Danish), or Sahara (UK); or make Marcy Tilton patterns. I wear them with my Doc Martens in the cold months and Birkenstocks in the summer.

  11. It looks like a pregnant clown … from The King and I (as Rebecca noted, above). I love the previous answers and got a good laugh from Donna's "not even at gunpoint" comment. Karen was right: it seems like an April's Fool Day joke. Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure we all feel just a wee bit more stylish now!

  12. I think the pants could be really great with the right top (shorter, fitted) and funky shoes. I wouldn't wear them in red, but black maybe blue or gray.

  13. I would wear the pants probably with a black top with peplum and black lace-up heels. I might add a thin gold chain necklace with a coin charm. The top is interesting. The pattern is not an issue for me, but the shape is not for me.

  14. Pam I came over to see this posting, which I had missed last week.
    I just cannot believe what these retailers are thinking. I rarely shop these days and this is an example of why! I admit I like more classic styles; however I do occasionally step outside the box.

    The Arts by Karena

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