This week I have covered healthy eating and wearing the right colors so our complexions look younger.  Well, I am reading a bookwhich discusses one of the best beauty secrets for women over 50… the importance of healthy eating in order to confront premature aging…

“The gut is the control center of the body, the place where health and death begins.  Whatever happens in the gut will show up in the skin and dictate the health of your entire body.”  Dr. Nigma Talib has written a four week program in this book to identify and eliminate skin aging triggers like gluten, wine, dairy and sugar.  

She discusses eating clean and removing chemicals in YOUNGER SKIN STARTS IN THE GUT.

I am early in my reading but wanted to share it with you right away as I am learning a lot.

That is a dairy free smoothie pictured and the way I am currently learning to eat.  Find the book HERE.

Have a fun Friday!
See you Saturday for WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

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