Bling…How Much Is Too Much? What Do You Think?

Bling…it is everywhere and never seems to leave the world of fashion.  I recently attended a seminar where the featured speaker, a woman in her late 50’s, said, “I always wear lots of bling. The more bling, the better!”

I asked her why she felt that way.  She told me how she and her sister were raised by a very conservative mother, and her style now was her way to break out of a mold and stay youthful! She piles on the bling…the rhinestones…and (as she says) it feels as though she shines.  

Some women like just a touch of bling…some none at all!

I guess I have bling on my mind because this is when San Antonio ladies are decked out in over the top bling…it’s FIESTA 2016!
Friday, is the largest parade in America which is 100% run by women…THE BATTLE OF FLOWERS PARADE!  Schools close for the day and businesses close early.  The streets will be packed with over 300,000.
And, many will be wearing BLING!
So, I would like to ask you, which camp do you live in…the more bling the better…the reserved bling…or the none at all!  What do you believe bling communicates about you?  Please join in the conversation….
Then, Have a fabulous Friday!  

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  1. I love understated bling. For example, a sequined or lurex shell under a jacket. (Okay, those hats you feature above are FABULOUS – I love this type of hat and always try them on when I'm shopping! I would do well in England and wish more women in the US wore hats like this!) I would wear a belt that sparkled, but mostly understated bling is my style!

  2. I also wished more women wore hats! I always feel self conscious wearing one in South Texas…Oh, we pull them out for Fiesta, but not the rest of the year. I guess I just need to have the courage to wear them more often! Thanks Karen!

  3. Fiesta is fun! There is so much to do and enjoy for these two weeks and it really makes our city noteworthy! I was one formally into much bling…I have toned it way down and just now wear it occasionally in small doses!

  4. I don't think I could wear most any of it – gets in the way while I'm in the studio. I like to see what others are wearing – I have some friends who just love their bling thing!

  5. It depends on what story I'm telling. Typically I accessories with the idea of less is more. However on occasion, I have visited more is more.

  6. I like a little bling, but I'm definitely not a "more is better" gal. I want it to enhance what I'm wearing, not overpower it. And, yes, I'd love to join the RETURN TO HATS movement! Enjoy the Fiesta! It looks like a wonderful event.

    Elaine@Following Augustine

  7. I like a touch of sparkle, here and there, but some days I'm drawn to a more minimal aesthetic. It looks like you had a fab time with Jen in Vegas. Love her! Big changes coming up for me career wise this summer, Pam. I know you understand the idea of taking a leap. For me it's early retirement from School Psychology. After 30+ years in education I'm ready for a change of pace!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    xx, Heather

  8. Bling is about a time and a place and a person. Sometimes there simply can't be enough!

    My choice is statement glasses and everything else downplayed. Maybe I'll wear a big ring or a big watch. Delicate items don't suit my personality. I rarely wear necklaces, and never wear necklaces with earrings. It all has to have enough substance to hold its own with my glasses without being too much.

    One of the reasons I don't like necklaces is practical. I wear sunblock, which tends to gum up the chains, and reacts with costume jewelry to give me a red rash. Painting jewelry backs with clear nail polish is a nuisance, and the sunblock takes it off after a few wearings. Not a fan of things around my neck.

  9. I always liked extremely understated and tasteful. A strand of pearls …. or earrings … or …. whatever … my wedding band was plain and the engagement ring was classic. Now that I've reached that certain age …. I still like each piece to stand on it's own but I do like a bit more bling on it. So my wedding band has been replaced with an eternity band … but I wear it alone…. and i have a beautiful cocktail ring for the other hand … but it is MUCH bling-ier than I would have purchased even 10 years ago. So the older I get …. The more sparkle!!

  10. For me with my pale complexion and thin hair, I have to tone it down. I don't wear many necklaces. prefer bracelets and rings. I like the idea of a good manicure and well selected clothing–they both can add some bling.

  11. Heather, I am so excited for you! I have had fun every day since I left teaching…I am grateful for my time as a teacher, but this new chapter has been amazing. If you ever want to talk, let me know. Congratulations!

  12. I think I am the opposite…the older I get the less sparkle on my body, but more sparkle in my life! Thanks so much for explaining your viewpoint. Love to hear it.

  13. I'm not much of a bling person. My BFF started wearing all this jewelry a few years ago and it pains me to see her. In addition to earrings, she'll wear several necklaces, bracelets, and flashy rings. But, she's my BFF, so I don't say anything. She probably wishes I would wear more!

  14. Tough situation…sometime too much ages us, but I have discovered most women have to see it for themselves! She probably does think you are missing out! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I think some of us older ladies feel like our bling (real or fake) has been sitting around unused for far too long and we're going to wear it before we die, fashion be damned. One woman called it "old, bold, and gold." I have a pair of black pearl earrings I wear to the grocery store. They make me feel pretty, and that's all I care about.

  16. I lean toward the minimal side. Always wear my rings and occasionally an extra one, earrings are a must, but other than that very little jewelry. I do like a bit of sparkle in a belt or top sometimes, too.

  17. Sometimes you can put a lot of bling together. Like in the photo you published of the woman in black top and trousers. All her bling sort of blends into one bling.
    I would like to dress up like a Christmas tree, but that takes away the beauty of each individual piece (in my opinion), so I try to control myself.

  18. I am mostly a really low-key person, but I do love glitter nail polish! Holographic, super shiny with glitter on top. That and being over 50, I have thrown the low-key part out because right now I have purple stripes in my hair lol.
    Hats? I have never worn a hat that was dressy. Baseball caps but that is it. How do you find the right hat? How do you know what would work for you?
    Kim Snyder

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