Confidence: What I Have Learned…Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

You are looking at my profile picture when this blog first started in July 2010!  I was open about the fact I was hiding…even if the mask was pretty.  In 2005, I turned 50 with zero confidence and spent most of my time at the bottom of my own priority list.  But, an AH-HA moment (you can read above on the page marked MISSION) resulted in a makeover and sharing all I learned when a friend encouraged me to blog about the experience.

I was the headless horseman of fashion blogging for several months!  Every picture was without a head…or all of me.  Many garments were photographed hanging. Or with my face behind a book or newspaper!

It was other sweet bloggers who would coax me out in the open and convince me I needed to share all of me!

I was confident in my abilities but still not so much with my overall appearance.  I could not believe an audience would want to see…that!

I share this with you, so you will understand confidence is a journey!  It is worth perseverance, hopeful expectation, and going forward to discover your best you!  It means so much, because the consequences of out- of- box- confidence can lead to opportunities you never dreamed of…yes, over 50! Encouraging, inspiring, and educating women over 50 to reach confidence is why I am here…I hope it helps!

What would help you on your journey to be more confident?  Please share….then enjoy the fun reads of the Thursday Blog Hop or hop on yourself!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


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  1. This is interesting and made me smile, the headless pictures! Actually, I don't know why you were hiding, you looked good in the outfits you chose! I thought about this, 'what would help on the confidence journey' (and yes, it is a journey), and for me it would be silencing the negative and judgmental voices. If I can't silence them literally (family member), I can choose to not pay attention. It's difficult, but helps when I think of what drives the comments. I am determined to be 'me' and that necessarily means I have to silence those voices!

    1. You are so right, Karen. Those voices are the ones we have to silence in our heads and not allow them to dress us in their negativity. I am so glad I grew past those voices…they are confidence killers! Thanks for being open about this.

  2. Yes, confidence is a journey! Thanks for sharing this! I would have never thought that you started out with headless photos… I'm glad others encouraged you to share all of you!

    1. Yes, I was amazed when I discovered the audience wanted to see me…I did not know that when I began…I just wanted to write about my journey and it took awhile to coax me out!

  3. You know, I never thought about it but you were the headline horseman! So glad you overcame that to become the beautiful and lovely fashion blogger you are today. I would have missed out on that incredible smile!

  4. I never knew you as the headless blogger but I'm very glad you've let the world see your glorious face. Confidence beams from your smile and is an inspiration to all women. I'm so happy you're my friend! You inspire me to have confidence in many ways. XX

  5. It was so wonderful to meet you last weekend. I'm sorry that we didn't have a chance to talk a bit more. You inspire me with your confidence – something I need to work on. Not feeling confident held me back from approaching so many ladies at the conference. A work in progress, I guess!

  6. I think you had a head by the time I joined you, but following your blog for the past few years has been fun and has encouraged me to look and be my best. I love the photo of you in Vegas! Definitely no reason to hide that glowing, confident smile!

    Elaine@Following Augustine

  7. I wasn't as "headless" as you but sometimes I come across an old photo of me and I remember how fat or unattractive I felt when the photo was taken. such a lot of wasted energy. I look at that photo now and wonder, why did I think so little of myself. I looked great. (especially to these eyes that are 20 or 30 years older.
    It's all in our heads.

  8. Ah, but you're beautiful! Love this post. Funny thing is that your ensemble in the 3rd photo is my favorite and it might be because I can see your laughing face.

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