Dowdy, unfashionable, drab, dull, homely, shabby, scruffy…all are synonyms for the word FRUMPY.  Yet, we know women often face times shut down, either by circumstances or critical people when there exists no motivation or inspiration for self-care.
 Sadly, sometimes lack of self-respect is why a woman may fall on the side of frumpy and begin to not care at all.
So, the Frump Busters are here to help. Jennifer of A Well Styled Life, Susan of Fifty Not Frumpy, and Pam of Over 50 Feeling 40 will collaborate on the First Friday of every month to bring their individual interpretations of how to take a frumpy look to fabulous style.  Let’s put frumpy behind us for good, ladies!

Welcome to our second First Friday collaboration!  The first was a huge success and we hope this one will be as well received.  This is where three of us take one frumpy look and make it more fabulous.
Since, the ripped, torn, hole-filled jeans hit the fashion scene, I have been an outspoken critic.  I feel like many in the fashion industry are laughing their way to the bank!  They actually got women to pay big bucks for jeans with holes in them and called them stylish!  Honestly, I do not like them on any age and believe they do not communicate any positive messages.
There is just nothing redeemable here.  Even if you use them to work in the yard, then your pants fill up with dirt, grass, and leaves!
I do not usually say.. absolutely do not do something.  But I am saying it now, because I believe so strongly these types of fashion trends hurt women and degrade us. 

Here is my take on a stylish jean….dark denim just naturally takes the whole look up a notch and this is something I would wear to run errands, shop, or meet friends for lunch.

I learned this take on a famous adage years ago and it has served me well

Another one I learned (sadly from experience) is whenever we attempt to look like we are in our twenties, it backfires and actually makes us look older than we are!
If you own the distressed jean, put them on, stand in front of a full length mirror and ask…what does this say about me??  Does it say you are stunning…confident…intelligent?  Well, if it does, then wear them with a smile on your face.  But, if not…toss in the trash…(they are not even worthy of a thrift bag.) 
 A great fitting pair of dark denim should be a staple in every woman over 50’s wardrobe.  They say stylish, yet respectable.
  And it was just as fast and comfortable for me to throw on these three top pieces from CHICO’S.
They look so much better than a ratty tee shirt and you are ready to feel great while out, and be confident to run into anyone!
Simple, easy fashion, but speaks so much louder on your behalf.

Simply put, it shows self-respect. 
In Texas, we wear many flip flops, however, I always upgrade with a fun, quality shoe and never wear the rubber ones like in the Polyvore…unless, of course, showering somewhere like a country resort!
The shoes below were purchased a few years back at Stein Mart and are leather.  I try very hard to keep up with my pedicures during the summer because I do wear so many sandals.
My outfit is just as comfortable and was put on just as fast as the one in the Polyvore and though not trendy,  I submit, it is more fashionable.
These are all pieces I have in my closet and have worn often.  They come from
Be very careful of trends like the distressed jean…they will send you into frumpy!
Now, let’s go see what JENNIFER OF A WELL STYLED LIFE and SUSAN OF FIFTY NOT FRUMPYare wearing!

Have a fabulous Friday!


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