I am so honored (and honestly blown away) to have received so many new subscribers yesterday on First Friday.  Welcome and thank you all for joining in. 
It has been a fantastic week and I hope yours was as well.  For everyone that is new, this is when I ask you to tell me what you think about a retail display style I find around town.   THE OUTFIT LAST WEEK brought on as much emotion as distressed jeans did on Friday!
So, tell us what you think of this…

Would You Wear It as a suit?  Why or Why Not?
Would You Wear It as separates?  Why or Why Not?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I do not tell you what I think on this one.   I am certain with your opinions, we all help one another!

See you tomorrow, when Jennifer Connolly and I return for Hit Your Style Sweet Spot!  

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