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I am so honored (and honestly blown away) to have received so many new subscribers yesterday on First Friday.  Welcome and thank you all for joining in. 
It has been a fantastic week and I hope yours was as well.  For everyone that is new, this is when I ask you to tell me what you think about a retail display style I find around town.   THE OUTFIT LAST WEEK brought on as much emotion as distressed jeans did on Friday!
So, tell us what you think of this…

Would You Wear It as a suit?  Why or Why Not?
Would You Wear It as separates?  Why or Why Not?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I do not tell you what I think on this one.   I am certain with your opinions, we all help one another!

See you tomorrow, when Jennifer Connolly and I return for Hit Your Style Sweet Spot!  


  1. I love the color but (in my opinion) there is too much lace. It gives the outfit a matronly look. I think a plain jacket with a lace skirt in this color would look much better.

  2. The color would not work on me, and I agree it looks alittle on the matronly side, but the lines of the jacket and skirt look princess seam to me, and that is always flattering.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this outfit. It is pretty, the color and the mix of fabrics is lovely. I do think there is a slightly matronly feel to this outfit, and it will probably flatter only a small population of women. This would likely overpower anyone with a small frame and wash out anyone with fair coloring. I like the idea of it but it just doesn't quite hit the mark. The jacket is too boxy and the sleeves too wide. With some tweaks, this might work, but as is….only a few people could wear this well.

  4. I would not wear this. There's just too much material involved in both the skirt and the jacket. It would make someone with a less than perfect figure look dumpy, frumpy and old. Even the color is blah. Trish

  5. I wonder who designed this and why…I definitely would not wear it…all it needs is a pair of Cuban heels (who remembers those?) and a faux patent leather handbag with gloves. Oh, and a small hat with faux flowers and a small veil…oy vey…

  6. I wouldn't even try this on in the dressing room for a private laugh (last week's outfit was a hoot but not this one). Just looking at this depresses me. Even if it was in a happy color, the design is not complimentary to my figure. The large lace panels down the front of the jacket get larger towards the hips. Bad, bad, bad! The skirt has no sex appeal at all so wearing as separates is a no go as well. Who at the store thought this made a good display? They certainly need some more training.

    1. I try my best to stay out of the WOULD YOU WEAR IT discussions…but I had to chime in agreement about the people doing display needing some training!! Some of the ones I have photographed lately I did so because I was surprised to find them highlighted in a display!

  7. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole – it reminds me of the curtains my parents had in their bedroom – you know – lace in the middle and heavier side drapes (and that colour would look dreadful on me!)

  8. This suit can't figure out what it wants to be. Lacy? or Tailored Twill?

    The color would be bad for me, so that's one strike. The jacket is boxy, strike two. The skirt has some interest with the buttons, but with the jacket, there's just too much boxy, unfitted fabric, strike three.

    And where would you wear this? Not to an office job. But it doesn't strike me as dressy enough for a wedding, or other event where I'd want to wear lace.

    If it were all lace, or all the solid fabric, it would be better. But there is still the very odd cut to the jacket that seems designed to make shoulders look narrow and waist and hips look wide–which would be a deal breaker for me.

  9. Never in a million years! Reason being the dull color, the frumpy style and general bad feeling I get when I see this. It reminds me of my grandmother in the 1950's.

  10. I have to agree with everyone else. I would probably walk past this outfit without giving it a second look. While I do like the colour and the idea of lace over fabric, there is too much of that and the shape is so unflattering.

  11. Hi Pam, my very first thought was matronly, older lady looking (sorry about the wording, being honest)…..and dated. Even the floral prints hanging next to it look 80's to me.

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

  12. It has a certain Sherlock Holmes quality. You could add a deerstalker, curly pipe and a magnifying glass and you've got yourself a sort of Sherlock Holmes meets pantomime dame effect – Sherlock Twankey – great fancy dress outfit! 😉

  13. Okay, I'll take the bait. I think this is one of those outfits you have to try on. It's the right colour for my complexion, and I'm tall enough to carry it. The trick would be in finding bold gold earrings to match the buttons and a big handbag. Add the right shoes, and maybe this would work. Forget dainty pearls. This calls, for bold, but few accessories.

  14. Nope. Would not wear it. I agree with all the others, too matronly. If it was light blue you might see it on the Queen Mum! I don't think even Aunt Bea would wear this color!

  15. I would not wear the jacket. Not a big fan of lace patches. In terms of the skirt, I wouldn't buy it, but I might be able to pull that off if someone asks me to wear. Maybe, with a simple top with a pair of skin tone heels.

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