It is hard to see in this picture…but the blouse is pink!  I do not really wear pink and I realized recently that I need a pink blouse for a special occasion.  Next week is the gender reveal for my grandbaby…we have been asked to wear the color representing the gender we think our baby is.  While I could wear blue all day long, I really believe deep down…this one is a girl.  So, off to my favorite treasure shop I went…GOODWILL SA.  I found this floral blouse in pink in a wonderful cotton.  

And, I always find bonus treasures…and this cardigan was a bonus…with tags still on.  Another bonus… this lovely, tile dress form…I loved it!  Some of my favorite home decor has been uncovered at Goodwill.

Regular readers know I am an avid fan of our local Goodwill in San Antonio.  The real bonus is ALL THEY DO FOR OUR COMMUNITY…job creation, job training, and support for our veterans.  It is a first class organization.  

Plus, I love a great treasure hunt!  (Will tell you next weekend if I should’ve worn blue!)  Watch for Hit Your Style Sweet Spot on Sunday as Jennifer and I discuss New Beginnings!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Disclaimer:  I was provided gift cards for shopping at Goodwill, but the words are my own.  Items were discovered at the Goodwill located on Highway 281S at the Bitters Exit.

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