Power Products for Women Over 50

Next week is huge for me…and, as you know, I have been down for the count.  Here are some great products I will be using to bring on the power to face new opportunities!  Let’s start with the EYES…

Beginning Monday, I will return to a computer screen at work all day and then face one at home for my blogging at night.  This super INTENSIVE EYE CONCENTRATE FOR WRINKLES BY STRIVECTIN was created for “screen fatigue,” and it is excellent.  I love Strivectin products and have come to trust them with results.

I have introduced you to the LOREAL EXTRAORDINARY OIL-IN-CREAM before, but will rely on it’s power for a confident look in a new arena.  It works to tame the humid-hair-beast.  I use it every time I wash my hair now.

I pulled a little muscle in my back with intensive coughing this past week.  The ARNICARE PAIN RELIEF GEL is such a help.  I recently learned more about BOIRON products and came away so impressed with the quality of these homeopathic medicines.  With natural active ingredients, these give us many new options and of the three products I have tested, all have worked.  I recommend of those little aches and pains.

Confidence comes with feeling protected and secure in ALL areas of your life.  I need complete confidence next week and FINESS has proven to provide exactly what is needed for light incontinent moments (especially, when recovering from a cough).  You need to try this product if you haven’t …unique, safe, it works.  I also have written about it HEREORDER FINESS HERE

Finally, super power came in this bowl of homemade chicken soup.  It really does pack a punch to the flu…of course, no links here, but if you need a good recipe…let me know.

Hope all of you are well today!

Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links within this post, but the words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I missed the previous post about the oil-in-cream for hair. Going to pick some up after work today. Where I live it is humid A LOT (today being such a day). Thank you for the tip. Soup looks delicious! I am such a huge soup person, and that looks like all kinds of therapy in a cup! Good luck in your new endeavor, change is both exciting and scary at the same time!

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