I am sent so many products to review, but only bring to you the ones I like.  So here goes…I am allergic to many deodorants, so I am excited to find SCHMIDT’S DEODORANTS…all natural and lovely scents…and so far, works great.

As I get older, I want more color on my lips and less shiny…and I want it to stay on my lips and not spread!  This is another excellent product from Loreal…INFALLIABLE PRO MATTE GLOSS…these are mostly matte colors, with a great applicator fashioned to fit your lips…and the color is deep, rich and stays on. I am wearing one of them every day!

Of course, with what we spend for clothes, we need them to last.  You have witnessed how much black I wear and here is the secret to keeping it black…WOOLITE FOR DARKS.  I wash clothes with this in cold water, and hang many of them to dry.

Love this stuff…it works great! The INVISIBLE GLASS KIT is so easy for windows and showers.  They also make a kit for cleaning glasses and camera lenses.  It is really good!

I wasn’t sent this one…but I love it so much I had to throw it in. PAUL MITCHELL’S SKINNY SERUM FOR HAIR!  I have used it every day for a couple of years, and it calms all frizzies!  My hair reacts to humidity and poofs out…so this little product keeps it calm.  I use it after shower…before flat iron…and sometimes after styling.  It not to greasy and works great.  Highly recommend!

Hope that helps everyone to know there are some excellent products on the market to meet our needs!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  I was sent these products to test, but the words are my own with my affiliate links provided.

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