Talking Diversity, Parties, Women, Clothing…and A Blog Hop!

San Antonio is truly a unique, diversified, and special city.  Currently we are led by all women at the top (including SHERIFF SUSAN PAMERLEAU) and at the very top is our lovely MAYOR IVY TAYLOR.

This week, over 200 women gathered to offer support for Mayor Taylor, pictured in the first image, greeting guests in a lovely pink suit. The women were from all races, and both political parties.  

They included top leaders from community, county, state, and local offices.  All together to support the mayor.  It was such an affirming moment… to see so many, who represent a myriad of beliefs, coming together in favor of one.  Especially, during this time when  much negativity runs rampant throughout the entire election process.  On our home front, we are doing good.

I left the gathering encouraged to live in a city where this is possible, and with hope it can be possible other places.


What did I wear to meet Mayor Taylor?

This fun PUCKER DISCOVER DRESS from the ARTFUL HOME SPRING COLLECTION!  It is easy, comfortable and stylish for a social outing.  I felt very appropriate and confident to be with these amazing women. 

The necklace is from SOFT SURROUNDINGS JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES.  They have many fun accents for your outfits in store and online now.

It’s time for the Thursday Blog Hop….hop on or go read…either is lots of fun!  


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Disclaimer:  The dress was sent to me by Artful Home, but the words are my own.


  1. You make me want to move to SA. Thankfully, I can visit annually bec. my best friend from high school (wow, 40 years ago!) lives there. PS love the red necklace.

  2. What a great post girl. I loved seeing you all having fun. What a great social event and great cause. I loved your outfit too! Visiting from the hop today eekk its been a while since I have done fav things hop! 🙂

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