Welcome to a fun collaboration with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and Pam of over50feeling40.  We desire for all of us… the fabulous women over 50 …to look and feel our best each and every day.  After years of blogging for this audience, we have heard from so many of you about your discouragement and despondency when you look in the mirror every morning.  But, we both know just how transformative style can be, and hope to encourage you right here each week.  We want to see all of us empowered with strength, joy, and confidence.


When a
couple of readers asked Jennifer and I to discuss what women over 50 should wear on a cruise, we
knew it was a perfect time to collaborate with CHICO’S…since they are known for gorgeous cruise wear!

I have been
a customer of Chico’s, off and on, for over 30 years!  And the best advice I can offer for a cruise
wardrobe is founded on garments from Traveler’s.  I believe I have the tanks in most every
color.  This line takes all abuse…and
always looks great.  Their pieces last
over time and I can give testimony of that first hand.  I am still occasionally wearing the first blouse I ever
purchased there.
Also, make
sure you join their Passport Club (if you have not already).  It cost nothing to join, but always gives
extra money off and free shipping.  Once
you are in the system, ordering and even returns are so easy.
Now, back to
the cruise.  There are plenty of styles
in Traveler’s for all types of situations on a cruise. They do not wrinkle…dry
quickly if you happen to get wet…and can be mixed and matched for many
different looks.   Chico’s sent the
outfit I am wearing for an evening dinner…hopefully with the captain!
Isn’t this
coral reef necklace a true statement piece and just perfect for a cruise?  How much fun is that? It is called the GIANNI BIB NECKLACE  (I would also pack an older Chico’s
necklace I own which has a beautiful turquoise starfish on it!)   I love the sleeves on the BURNOUT PALM JACKET which
takes this to an elevated look for evening…and no worries, black is appropriate
any time of year. The top of this outfit would also look nice with a skirt.
Now, I
usually wear a size 3 in Traveler’s garments, but these NO TUMMY TRAVELERS PANTS run a little
large, so you might go down a size when ordering.  But, the pants are great and wearable for
many situations throughout the year.  If
I were leaving on a cruise tomorrow though, my entire suitcase would be TRAVELER’S FROM CHICO’S.  It is perfect
for travel for so many reasons.  It means
I would actually pack less and smaller since these garments will roll up nicely
and not wrinkle.  The line includes dresses, skirts, shorts of all lengths, crop pants, long pants, blouses, tunics, colors, prints…all you need to cruise in style! And I love the variety of lengths for women over 50 who might like a longer short or arms covered!
Check out
the new collection HERE…and thanks goes to Chico’s for sending the clothing and
making sure we all look amazing on a cruise!
Now, let’s go see what JENNIFER OF A WELL STYLED LIFE has to say about cruise wear.
Hope your week is beautiful!
Disclaimer:  Merchandise was provided to me by Chico’s, but the words are my own!

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