HydroChic: Outdoor Wear for Women Over 50

One of the true challenges of maintaining a youthful appearance is THE SUN!  As we, women over 50, enter into warmer weather with summer just around the corner, there are so many family outings, retirement plans, vacations which take us into that sunshine we all fear just a little.  Then, there are the body-image-challenges for some who do not feel their best in a swim suit.  This is why HYDROCHIC is important for our age group.

Hydrochic is known for quality clothing made with sun protection and water proof options.


Perhaps you have a boating excursion planned…or fishing trip…or fun with the grandchildren on the beach.


There are so many fun styles to select from and they are completely waterproof…bring on the waves. They are designed to protect you from long periods in chlorine. 


Plus these are quality garments with an excellent reputation for lasting through much.  

Check them out if you are looking for options for sun protection and with more coverage than a traditional swim suit.


Make sure you check out all the fun selections HERE AT HYDROCHIC.

Happy Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, but the words are my own. 



  1. what a great idea – there's so many times when you don't feel like getting into your bathers, but you want to wear something fresh and light weight – these are really cute!

  2. Oh, wow. It is difficult to keep up the sunblock all the time when you're in and around the water. Not cheap, either, if you have to wear the high-quality ones. These are for me. The skirted capri is super cute for those of us who never wear shorts or minis. Love it, and I'm glad to have found your blog.

  3. I have been wearing hydrochic active wear for almost 10 years. I have gone on water hikes and feel fresh and drip dry while everyone else is dragging their wet t shirts. I love sitting at the pool with my grandchildren without a towel wrapped around me and so much more. Material is comfortable and so many beautiful styles.

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