Noxicare: Thousands of Years in the Making

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Turmeric, a descendent of the ginger family is one of the
most powerful healers found in nature and recognized for its anti-inflammatory
properties. Used medicinally for over 4,000 years in a range of cultures it possesses
a variety of natural health benefits—one of which is related to pain and
inflammation. Natural pain remedies, such as turmeric and willow bark, (another
pain and inflammation reliever used since the times of Ancient Greece and Egypt)
have been scientifically proven to be just as strong and useful today as first
discovered and thought to be thousands of years ago.

Noxicare is the first product of its kind to combine these two
impressive healers, with five more of the world’s most potent natural pain
relievers: holy basil, rosemary, boswellia, alpha Lipoic acid, and ginger to
create a pain relieving formula like no other. Each of these herbs
independently possesses pain-relieving properties, but when combined together they
function as catalysts – increasing the effectiveness and ability of relieving a
mild ache to very high levels of pain.

Pain comes in various forms, the three most common being:
joint, muscle aches, and nerve pain; this pain may be due to acute or chronic conditions
with inflammation as the root cause. 
Noxicare provides safe, effective relief from acute and chronic pain, not
by simply numbing the pain point like some products that contain menthol or
lidocaine, but by targeting the pain at the source and promoting the body’s own
healing process with its natural formulation. This can be attributed to the
seven natural ingredients working together to boost the effectiveness of the
Noxicare formulation as a whole. Noxicare has been especially helpful for those
who endure the pain of arthritis, athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome,
nerve pain associated with diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, and tension

Everyone experiences pain on some level on daily basis,
whether it’s from a sharp painful stub of the toe, standing on our feet too
long, or more long enduring pain from illness and/or injury. Pain at any point
is a natural expectation or part of everyday life, and the best way to treat it
is with a natural remedy backed by clinical trials containing herbs used for
thousands of years. Try Noxicare today. Be Smart. Go Natural.

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