Amiche: Jewelry with a Mission & A Giveaway

In my new job, I have wonderful co-workers, and one is the very joyful, very creative, lovely Rachelle. Rachelle is also a jewelry designer with a unique concept and vision…AMICHE.

In an interview, Rachelle recently said, “Everything we create has our Ally
charm. Ally is short for alliance, and means to join together in support of one
another. We want every woman that wears our pieces to know that she is not
alone and we consider her a daily representative of our mission.

Our pieces
are meticulously crafted and our Ally charms are hand cut in India. I love to
incorporate semi-precious stones. You will also notice a touch of crystal,
turquoise, and rosewood throughout our line, as I can’t get over my love for
Mediterranean Sea!” (the storibook)
THE MISSION IS EXPLAINED HERE and is about female friendships.  Rachelle would love to see everyone purchase one piece for themselves and gift a second piece to their closest female friend.
The bracelets are beautiful for the popular trend to stack bracelets, and the necklaces are delicate and fun for any age. The bracelet at the top of the post is the one I wear the most! 
Now, for the fun part! For the whole month of June, Amiche
is hosting their first Girlfriend Giveaway [GiGi for short]! They are looking for
like-minded women who believe in their message and want to help out! The goal is to get at least 1,500 women signed up to in the Amiche
network [by July 1], where they can share stories of female friendships,
highlight women in their community, share new products and other news! They need as
much support as they can get! For every woman that signs up, she will get her
name in the drawing to win a basket full of Amiche product. They are talking
limited edition pieces, items they have never sold before and new pieces too! The
basket will include several bracelets, new earrings and necklaces!
Every time a
woman gets others to sign up using her own personal link she will get her name in
the drawing again and again! They are so excited about GiGi and we hoping to
partner with all of the women who have supported them and helped them grow to what they are today. 
So go to this link HERE and join in the fun!  I am happy to support Rachelle and her vision to strengthen women and our friendships!
Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh I love these. They are so beautiful. The message about female friendship is so important to everyone but in midlife? Friends are invaluable. Wonderful concept, Pam.

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