Goodwill SA: Stay Cool Hunting Treasure Inside

Sad to say…but it is already hot here…really hot!  I think it was 105 yesterday.  But, one of my favorite stay cool activities is to go treasure hunting at GOODWILL SA!

When I was there recently, I was drawn to the home decor department.  

Beautiful items!  There were two young ladies shopping for their apartment and it was fun to watch as they discovered their own treasures.

I guess I really was in the mood for cooler weather, because everything I actually purchased had fall written all over them.

I found this brand new, tags still on Coldwater Creek Peplum Jacket and it is the most flattering fit.  The price…

I cannot wait until cool breezes blow and I can wear this jacket to work…something to look forward to.  Also, I planned ahead for this bench

It decorates my front porch and was a sweet gift from a neighbor years ago. I get the pillows at Goodwill and change them out seasonally.  So recently I found the ones for fall…you will just have to wait to see what they look like…but I will call attention to it when I change them.

Treasure hunting is a great way to stay cool in the summer and take our minds off of the heat.

I highly recommend it at GOODWILL SA…who gives back to our community in many ways.

Happy Thursday!

Disclaimer:  I was provided compensation to shop at Goodwill and report to you my discoveries.  The words are my own.

Items were found at the location on Highway 281S at Bitters


  1. I love shopping at Goodwill! I've gotten amazing deals on many designer pieces and handbags, as well as Depression Glass and other antique china. And the fact that the money goes to help others is icing on the cake. I think a trip to Goodwill is on my to-do list today!

  2. At the Goodwill stores where I live, everything is crammed together on metal shelving units and it's very difficult to get the vision. Your store is something out of the ordinary, I think. Clothes at our stores here are jammed onto wire hangers so tightly it is difficult to sort through. Floors are not clean, generally a shabby look to the whole place. I donate very nice work clothing to Goodwill and am hard-pressed to see things like that on the racks. Personally, I have much better luck at a well-arranged consignment shop, but it's nice to see Goodwill stores like yours must exist!

  3. Goodwill can be great. My area Goodwill is known to have Prada, St. Laurent, Laboutin, and other high end shoes. I like the fact that we are also recycling when we shop thrift stores. It's good all around.

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