JJill August Collection: Adding Statement Pieces

Wow, it is hard to believe tomorrow’s August…not one of my favorite months: really hot, school starts, traffic increases, and still really hot!   However, the JJILL AUGUST COLLECTION  has made me smile about it…rather than whine about it!

One of the reasons I love JJill is that I can pick up statement pieces to add to my JJill Knit Leggings, and Wearever Tank Top..like this PAISELY BORDER SCARF PONCHO.  Makes a wardrobe easy and workable!  I put on my ballet flats and I am good to go!

I am also wearing their new COMPASSION FUND HEART WRAP BRACELET. JJill creates fun pieces in a Compassion collection in order to donate money back to our local communities.  Here is what they say, “The JJill Compassion Fund is honored to provide support to community based organizations that help disadvantaged and homeless women become self-sufficient through programs that focus on education, job skills, and transitional and affordable housing.”  These would be perfect gifts as well!

Women helping women…love it!  Now, I think I will wear this outfit, call a girlfriend and head out for #NationalGirlfriendsDay (Monday)!

Sharing nachos sounds perfect!
Have a wonderful National Girlfriends Day!  
(You are all on my list of special girlfriends)

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Disclaimer:  This garment was provided by JJill, but the words are my own. 


  1. August 1 is always a bit sad, because it's a reminder that our brief summer is half done. With 27 days of rain, countless hailstorms, regular weather warnings and funnel clouds in July, it seems like we never really had summer at all. I have never seen a summer like this one.

    The official start to fall here is after the Labour Day weekend. For the first time in many years, there will be no one to send out the door to school…but there is college.

    Fall means back to shoes and sweaters. Putting on closed-toed shoes for the first time in months is my farewell to summer moment.

    For now, it's still August, and summer. Enjoy!

  2. What? There's a National Girlfriend Day. Well, I did spend a few hours with my daughter this afternoon. She's a great friend.

  3. Just saw the poncho in the JJill catalog today. It's a beauty! I am always drawn to the new pieces in the Wearever collection, this time was no exception. I am going to keep enjoying every second of this beautiful hot summer. I will miss the heat terribly when our endless winter sets in. Guess you have to experience winter driving, shoveling at 4 a.m. and again after work, ice, slush, to really love summer. I am a summer girl living in the wrong climate!!

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