My research reveals two of the new Fall Fashion 2016 trends are leopard anything and green utility jackets!  Just so happens I have both in my current closet! I love the military green utility jackets and I have two I wear often…like the one above.  

I usually wear the jackets for casual style, but I might try a professional look for work soon.  I do have some nice brown pants!
Most fashion trends go around and around…often our closets are the first place to look.  Check out the PANTONE COLORS of the season HERE, and see if navy blue, navy inspiration like double breasted jackets, and bold shoulders are in your closet…they will update your looks this year. 

Leopard is fun in accessories…but be careful not to over-do…just one leopard piece at a time keeps it chic!

Note:  My husband was fascinated with the shadows on the grass, so that is why these pictures are a little dark…so hard to find good help (I’m smiling).

Tomorrow, I will show you what I have purchased in the end of summer sales. Sometimes…I need to add some fun to the closet!

Happy Wednesday!

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