New Reads for Women Over 50

The gorgeous and inspiring Valerie Ramsey called me recently to introduce her latest venture, Executive Editor of FABULOUSLY 50+.  This is a first class publication which has only three annual editions and features Valerie on the cover above.  She has been inspiring me for a long time since I read and reviewed both of her books… GRACEFULLY LOOKING AND BEING YOUR BEST AGE and CREATING WHAT’S NEXT GRACEFULLY.

The magazine is more than impressive…amazing photography, well covered articles, thick paper stock, foil logo on the cover…as I said first class.  For those who like to hold a print publication in your hand, written just for you, go HERE.

And if you need a good laugh…..
VIKKI CLAFLIN is a very funny writer and finds so much humor in our mid-life circumstances.  You will keep a smile on while reading.  Order HERE

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU, Pam, for this amazing and unexpected shout-out! I really needed that right now. 🙂 And Valerie's new magazine looks fabulous. She's gorgeous! 🙂

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