I had no idea…no idea that when I went through my big makeover at age fifty that it would take determination, perseverance, diligence to discover the real me.  I had been hiding for so long I had to dig deep to find Pam’s style.  

I had developed a new attitude ….I Matter!  So it was worth all the work and study to craft a style I feel confident wearing every day.  It is reflected in my home and in my wardrobe.

But it does take time…remember, you have to date a lot of frogs before you find Mr. Right!  Well, you have to try on a lot of clothing before you know what you want your style to say about you! The messages, lifestyle,and your personality need to sync up into hitting one perfect sweet spot.   Then you can smile and leave home with confidence!

Everything here has been in my closet for awhile.  But I definitely feel like me in an outfit like this.  If you are still seeking to discover what your own style is,  persevere on, and don’t give up.  It really does take time and determination.  Not every woman is bohemian…or classic…or preppy…or anything.  We all have our own unique recipe (that is a word my partner JENNIFER CONNOLLY loves to use).  

Would anyone like to share how you discovered your own personal style?  Did it take time like me or did you nail it immediately?

We would love to hear from you….

Happy Wednesday!


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