This is me in 2013…from 2010 to 2013, I was able to exist with using glasses occasionally.  I only wore them when needed because I saw pretty well when I wasn’t reading.

Perhaps I can blame it on daily computer work followed with long nights of blogging, but my eyes worsened toward the end of that year.

I was devastated at first…and I tried on tons of glasses in search of the right pair of frames.  But, once I found them, I immediately knew…these are me! Now, I do not feel natural without my glasses.  They are so much a part of who I am, that I would never consider being without them.  I have not researched eye surgery to gain perfect vision back…these are a component of my personal style.

But, for now, so is my hair.  I am not ready to “embrace” the changes underneath these dark locks.  For now, my dark hair is me.  I have looked at other styles and done my research and I am looking toward change.  But every time I do, I look back in the mirror and smile…because for now, this is me.
Change can be such a good thing (when the time is right).  I think we let it depress us too much. I am glad about glasses and I am not sad about the gray hair…just not ready for it at this time.  You will know when the change is right for you…when it makes up your style!  

Does anyone have a story of change you embraced or you fought and you would like to share with us?  What is important is to not judge other women who have not chosen to change when you did…if you had the eye surgery so you don’t wear glasses, that is awesome.   If you have gray hair and love it on you, that is awesome as well.  But do not be sad or run from change…let it be on your terms.

Have a joyful Thursday!

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