Happy October Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Hope you have wonderful plans today…it still feels like summer where I am …but the hope of cool breezes seems to be high for later this week.

Here is what I have planned on the blog over the next few days…

Hit Your Style Sweet Spot  has Jennifer and I discussing celebrations with girlfriends!

I will share one of my favorite recipes…

On Thursday, I reveal a fun new collection…

And I will recap some new revelations as I proceed in my career reinvention after 60!

Hope you will join me for the fun…See you soon…

Keep Smiling!


  1. I'm rather looking forward to the bit about reinventing one's career, Pam. Regardless of age, we're always on the lookout to freshen things up, and gain new perspectives/insights, so yes, here's to new revelations. And a good weekend 🙂

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