I miss WHAT NOT TO WEAR…I did not realize how much until I was on a treadmill recently and the woman in front of me was watching an episode while she ran.  My TV wasn’t working and I practically fell off the track attempting to watch her monitor!  I started to watch Stacy & Clinton when I realized I needed help several years ago.

It was tough at first. I believed every episode was about me!  But eventually I began to apply what I learned and it helped me to make the changes I desired.  They gave me courage to try some things outside of my comfort zone; yet, keep it under control.
I realize the shows offended some and there are many who did not like the style of communication…but I was one of those who needed a slap in the face….a wake up call!  They helped me to discover me again…and it has been such fun.

Before I watched their show, I never would have tried these snake print leggings.  But, I am so glad I did…I really like them.  Nor would I have worn two necklaces at once…this is a fun way to mix things up a bit.  

They were my first fashion trainers and I will always be grateful.  I think what I would like to do this month and into next is occasionally share with you what I learned and still practice today.  

There is so much fashion hyperbole out there…I want to go back to what helps real women, off the runways, and in their every day lives.  A few specific tips can help increase confidence and joy.  I know it did for me.

Did anyone else watch WHAT NOT TO WEAR?  If so, what lesson did you practice most often?

Today’s outfit includes:

Snake print leggings from SOFT SURROUNDINGS

Tunic recently purchased on clearance at CHICOS

Keep Smiling!


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