On the Subject of Style Over 50….

Since we are on the subject of What Not to Wear, I first introduced Stacy London’s book to you in 2012.  I have referenced it several times since then…it is as much a psychology book as it is a style book…and still the best I have read on the subject.
Here is just a sampling of my favorite quotes:
       Style doesn’t start with your body – it starts with your brain.
       By changing your style, you’re forced to change the way you perceive yourself.
      It’s everyone’s right to feel good regardless of age, size, and budget.
       You limit your options every time you do not try your best
       When we allow others to control how we feel about ourselves, we give up an essential sense of power.
       The goal should always be to look good for your age, not to look as if you are chasing your youth.  Nothing screams “out of touch with reality” more than trying to look twenty years younger than you are.
       After 40, you hit the new A.G.E.: Attractiveness, Generosity, Experience
       It takes the same amount of time to put on good clothes as bad clothes
      Perfection is the enemy of style.  It’s actually the enemy of all of life experiences.  If you don’t try, you don’t fail – but you don’t succeed either.

        If you need some inspiration and encouragement before spring, I highly recommend this read! Just click on the Amazon image below
        Do you like the sound of any of these quotes?

                                     Have a wonderful Weds!


  1. Wow…you look smashing in the photo! I am adding the book to my list. I could use the inspiration when it comes to fashion! 🙂 Btw, I love the quote that after 40 you hit the new age A.G.E.

  2. At first & second glance at your photo I thought; hmmm, there's something different about Pam! Oh, she's not wearing glasses & her hair style is shorter…you look marvelous Pam!! After watching Stacy London's trailer for her book I'm going to check it out. Thanks!

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