Happy 2017! I Just Have One Word….

Happy 2017!
It is true…as you get older, the years go by faster and
faster.  I cannot believe it is already
time to ring in a new one.  While it is
also true last year was a huge year for me, it was, nevertheless, surrounded by
challenges and moments of intense sadness. 
Fortunately, those moments were few and I always choose to focus on the
joys, the blessings, and the positive.
Two years ago, I decided to select one word to ponder daily
rather than set resolutions or goals for the year.  Last year, my word was PERSEVERANCE.  It turned out to be quite appropriate as I
persevered through career reinvention, surgery, and a workout injury.  Pondering the word perseverance daily kept me
going forward and it paid off in many ways.
The word I want to ponder in 2017 is INSPIRATION.  I hope to be inspired by life around me to
keep new vision in my work at the magazine and with blogging.  I want to seek new inspiration daily through
experiences and education.  Also, I want
to be an inspiration to other women….to inspire them to find new direction, to
not allow age to shut them down, and to seek new ways to find joy in life.  I also want to inspire my family and
grandchildren by assisting them whenever I am able.  Seeking ways to be inspired daily keeps us
from boredom, dullness, and depression. 
I want to be fascinated with my world every day and with those who
inhabit it…we need more fascination, kindness and love for one another today.
So, I desire inspiration daily for each of you and hope to
keep this space fresh and lively! Thank you so very much for reading,
commenting, writing, supporting, and for your friendship.  It means everything.

 What words or goals
have you set for this year??  Would love
to know what is on your mind this New Year’s Day!
Happy New Year!


  1. Like you, for the past several years I have chosen a focus word over resolutions. Last year my word was "prepare". This year I chose "move." Seemed odd at first when it came to me, but covers a lot of ground in my life. No more sitting and waiting for life to change or happen, no more being afraid to step out with confidence. "Move" seemed appropriate when I pondered all the changes I've been considering. I write my word on the first block on my calendar each month as a reminder. Here's to a new year!

  2. Happy New Year, Pam! Lovely post. I so enjoy your blog – and Jennifer's as well! I recently subscribed to San Antonio Woman because of you – I have not lived in San Antonio since 1997, however it remains one of my favorite places.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Pat and for reading and for subscribing to the magazine. I hope it will be a red banner year for magazines and the blog! If you come back to visit, please say hello!

  4. Great choice, Pam! As a mentor for an online course for hurting women called Abundant Redemption, I was given the challenge of choosing one word to inspire or guide me in the coming year. I chose the word STILL. Rather than filling your space with a lengthy explanation, I invite you to visit my blog where I posted about it today.

  5. What a beautiful thought, Pamela. Inspiration. I haven't yet decided on what my intentions are for the coming year. I am, as always, rather late to the party but I do feel that when I peg intentions within the category of resolutions, they're almost always destined to fail. So perhaps this year, I'll go with a list of intentions as versus resolutions. Psychological, I realise, but hey, if it works 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  6. I chose the word inspiration/inspire also! Wonderful thoughts you have here that will add to my own on this word. Great way to start the year, thank you.

  7. I did set some ambitious goals for this year but they all come back to my word for the year: CHANGE. We are changing where we live by moving across the country, that will change our relationships with family as we will be close by, my husband will retire, etc. I want to get ahead of this tidal wave of change and also make some for personal growth and fun. Enjoy your thoughts and blog

  8. Absolutely, go with what works, Sheela. Actually for me, I live one day at a time and try not to worry about the future. I find much joy in just taking it one day.

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