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of you know…I am optimistic, joyful, and confront the challenges of aging head
on.  However, I will confess, the moments
I curse aging the most are when I am behind the wheel of my car at night.  I can remember the exact conversation I had with
my ophthalmologist around age 55.  I was
convinced he had a prescription or a way to help me see better at night.
all he said was…”You are getting older and this is what happens.”  That conversation was around six years ago
and the situation has only become worse. 
Before I accept an invitation after dark (that involves my car), I chart
the course and make sure I can return home on a safe path.  I always worry about not seeing someone jogging
on the street, and there are many who do around my neighborhood.  Every now and then, I have a moment where a
blur runs by and I realize I did not see them. 
It is sobering and frightening. 
While I wish everyone wore reflective gear, some do not.
you combine my aging eyesight with the fact I am working online most of the day
(between the magazines I edit and my blog), I am constantly concerned about my
eyesight.  This is why I was excited to
learn about EyePromise Vizual Edge, which can help protect against glare and
sensitivity to bright lights.
is what I have learned so far:
EyePromise Vizual Edge ​is an
advanced, high-quality formula containing the highest level of dietary Zeaxanthin and other essential ingredients
to both protect and improve your eye health. 
Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin), is the primary pigment in the macula in
the back of the eye, which improves and protects your central vision. This is
all information I did not know and I found it interesting to learn.  Thicker or more “dense” macular pigment is
like having “internal sunglasses” that protect and enhance your vision. It also
reduces glare from harsh lights from oncoming traffic, as well as improves contrast
to notice all movements and details on and off the road.
Not only does this powerful formula improve your night driving
confidence, but it also helps to improve your overall eye health,​ by
supporting the natural function of the eye. The formula also helps fight
against Age-Related
Macular Degeneration (AMD)
, the most common cause of blindness in
people over 55.

After watching the video below, I was convinced it is time to
give EyePromise a
try.  I am going to work and remain
active as long as possible… and night driving is a reality in my world of
events. I will do whatever I can to not miss out because of poor eyesight.

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