Work Outs for Women over 50: An Update!

A reader recently said to me, “You have not discussed your work out for a long time.  Do you still go to the gym?”  The short answer is Yes…I still go!  The longer answer is best described in one word…Perseverance!

I did not join a gym or hire a trainer until I was 60 years old…I do not recommend waiting that long for anyone.  But, at least I did it. That was three years ago.  With Osteoporosis beginning to raise its ugly head in my checkups, I needed to begin strength training. At the time I started, I did not do any push ups, pull ups, or sit ups.  Now, I do modified versions of them all.  But, over those three years….I have powered through two big injuries, sinus surgery, job changes, and family issues.  I am constantly starting and stopping and starting and stopping.  But, at least I am still there.  I am starting back, yet again, after recently having family live with us for awhile.  My husband is a runner and came home from a marathon last Saturday to proudly announce he burned 3000 calories in one day…SIGH.  At least I go. 
 Currently I do have knee and foot issues…but the best trainer in the world named Kim modifies the workouts just for me, and steady support from women I have worked out with for three years encourages me.  That is why you find me there M-F at 5AM…for Kim and those ladies are critical to me not giving up.  BTW, whenever I go for long periods of time without stopping, I feel great and can tell such a difference in my body.

I persevere on…because I MATTER….and it will keep me active…confident..joyful..and healthy longer!

I need some new workout clothing, and spent some time looking around.  Here are a few fun selections I discovered.

What does your activity look like every day?  Please share how you persevere….

And Smile Through It!

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  1. Bravo to you for persevering! I will think of you each day at 5 am; I am determined to get to the gym 5 days a week and early morning is definitely the time that other commitments and alluring choices don't get in the way. Your resolution is inspiring–thanks for sharing!

  2. I enjoy yoga and walking. I try and lift some free weights for my arms, but that comes and goes. Winter is hard because I would rather be outside, but there is shoveling snow, so that is something!

  3. The stopping and starting is difficult and would not be so much if I had not waited so long to get serious to begin with…but as long as I start again, I do see results. Thanks RK

  4. The weight training has helped to slow down bone deterioration which is important for me. I also like it when I can lift things and not need to have help. I need to find a way to add some yoga or stretching..I know it would help!

  5. I've missed the I Matter sign!

    I've developed a 20 to 25 minute exercise routine that I've been doing at home Monday to Friday for many years. It involves push ups, stomach crunches and a variety of stretches and yoga like poses. I do it first thing in the morning before anything else and it limbers me up for the day. I also lift weights three times a week and I'm working on getting back to walking regularly (on the treadmill right now while we're in the depths of the Canadian winter). Interestingly, a group of friends who have long been aware of my exercise habits have invited themselves over tomorrow evening so that I can show them what I do and help them set up their own programs. Growing up, I was the gawky kid who hated physical education. I definitely never dreamed that I would be teaching anyone else, but the benefits of regular exercise are so great, especially as we age.

  6. There are so many days I try to talk myself out of it. I do not think I will ever like being there…but I know I must be there. I understand how you feel.

  7. Great job! Going to the gym would be (relatively) easy if life didn't get in the way… As you said, what matters is never to give up and to go back when we can!

    You go!!!

  8. I found a great exercise routine that works for me, but, unfortunately it took a heart attack to get me started! As the old saying goes, the best exercise is the one you will do.

    Classes are not good for me because I can't keep up and I had to get them at a specific time which also did not work for me. So I belong to a gym and got a personal trainer to recommend a series of cardio and resistance exercises. I go routinely Tues. & Thurs. in the late afternoon on my own time no matter what, unless I'm traveling. It takes about an hour and it's nice to see other middle agers even though I wear my wireless head set and listen to music and keep conversation at a minimum.

    The third day I get a private Pilates lesson which might be a stretch (no pun intended) for some but it works for me. The other days I go on my treadmill at home for 15 min. – 1/2 hour. I have a TV in front of the treadmill, otherwise it's too boring for me.

    One other important thing 🙂 I bought some nice workout clothes at Target. The Champion brand is stylish and affordable and you can wear it shopping before and after exercise with a nice cover up.

  9. Nina, I did not know you had experienced a heart attack. Thank you so much for sharing all of this…I know it will be helpful to others. What an encouragement you are someone fighting back to live a healthy life. This is keep me keeping on. I appreciate all you said.

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