A reader recently said to me, “You have not discussed your work out for a long time.  Do you still go to the gym?”  The short answer is Yes…I still go!  The longer answer is best described in one word…Perseverance!

I did not join a gym or hire a trainer until I was 60 years old…I do not recommend waiting that long for anyone.  But, at least I did it. That was three years ago.  With Osteoporosis beginning to raise its ugly head in my checkups, I needed to begin strength training. At the time I started, I did not do any push ups, pull ups, or sit ups.  Now, I do modified versions of them all.  But, over those three years….I have powered through two big injuries, sinus surgery, job changes, and family issues.  I am constantly starting and stopping and starting and stopping.  But, at least I am still there.  I am starting back, yet again, after recently having family live with us for awhile.  My husband is a runner and came home from a marathon last Saturday to proudly announce he burned 3000 calories in one day…SIGH.  At least I go. 
 Currently I do have knee and foot issues…but the best trainer in the world named Kim modifies the workouts just for me, and steady support from women I have worked out with for three years encourages me.  That is why you find me there M-F at 5AM…for Kim and those ladies are critical to me not giving up.  BTW, whenever I go for long periods of time without stopping, I feel great and can tell such a difference in my body.

I persevere on…because I MATTER….and it will keep me active…confident..joyful..and healthy longer!

I need some new workout clothing, and spent some time looking around.  Here are a few fun selections I discovered.

What does your activity look like every day?  Please share how you persevere….

And Smile Through It!

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