Lei Lei: Statement Accessories with a Purpose

One of the readers discussed her style plans for 2017,,,she is going to refashion her current wardrobe in different ways and add a fun statement accessory or garment every now and then!  Great plan!  Well, for those who love a statement piece and also like to help women and children around the world in need, you might really like what you find at LEI LEI.

I love this LEATHER FRINGE BEADED NECKLACE made by artisans in Bali.  It took this outfit to a new level!  And, it is currently on sale!

I enjoyed meeting the founder of Lei Lei, Maria, by phone recently.  She has been in fashion retail for years, and was moved to begin a company which would benefit those artisans around the world trapped into poverty.  She does a good job of helping others and giving us those statement accessories we long for.

Check out all of the selections HERE AT LEI LEI


Keep Smiling, everyone!


Disclaimer:  I was given this necklace from the brand, but the words are my own. 


  1. I LOVE your jacket, Pam! The colour, the style and by the look of it, the fabric are gorgeous and it's very slimming too.

    Thanks for introducing Lei Lei. I'm always interested in hearing about and supporting organizations that empower women in underdeveloped parts of the world and have a positive impact on the lives of their families and communities.

  2. Pam, the ladies that write in to you are are so lovely and uplifting. What a great community of nurturing women. Makes what we do that much better and I hope we hear from them all at our eco conscious marketplace Lei-Lei.

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