I am sure most of you read this statement and affirmed YES…I just want to be me with my clothing.  But in the beginning of my style reinvention at age 50, it was statements like this which threw me off.

We have been reminiscing about What Not to Wear all week, and I promised to go back to some of the basics from the show which really helped me.  After I began to watch, I also began to read…books about style, fashion, and confidence.  A few books said…be the best YOU you can be.  However, at that time of my life, I did not understand who I was…I had lost me in my 40s.  The stylish, young, flamboyant marketing professional had disappeared.
Statements like the one above hit me cold.  I needed to figure out who I was at age 50 right then.

Stacy London and a few others kept asking what do you want your clothing to say about you.  This is when I began to understand my outfits every day sent a message about me…and I could control the messages.

This journey to change my look, became a journey to transform my attitude about me and about life.  I wrote in journals positive lists about myself and lists to fine tune the messages I wanted my clothing to say about me.  I listened intently to advice of how to dress my body for the way it looks today, and to stop saying, “I will dress nice when……”

I knew these things:  I am intelligent; I am strong: I am creative; I am friendly and approachable; I am passionate about the work I love and I am youthful…these became the messages I desired to capture in my style.  I learned to look closely at colors which made me smile and enhanced my own coloring when I wore them.  I looked at clothing designs which were slimming and learned techniques for body confidence.  I also moved ME to the top of the priority list and represented the phrase I MATTER with my decisions.  As all this happened, confidence and joy grew.

Now, that I am laughing and smiling on my insides, my closet is in sync with how I feel.   When you learn these lessons, it takes more time in a dressing room to ask critical questions.  However, it is worth it to wonder WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT ME?

Do you know how to dress when a book or stylist says, JUST BE YOU, or does it leave you cold as it did me in the beginning?  Please share your thoughts….

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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