The Myth About Comfortable Clothes

The line I think Stacy and Clinton heard most often was, “I only wear comfortable clothes.”  There is some myth out there which says nice clothing is not comfortable.  I have learned that is simply not true.

I dress comfortably and confidently every day…and have for years.
So, I pulled some beautiful garments for you to consider which look very comfortable and stylish!  Comfort does not have to look bad.

Do you agree …nicer clothes can be comfortable!?  Chime in below!

Now, I often end this post with a call to KEEP SMILING…as we smile this week, let’s remember the beautiful smile of Mary Tyler Moore who inspired many of us! When I left college, I wanted to be Mary Richards!  She will be missed. 

Thank You!

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  1. In my attempts this year to learn how to dress (about time since I'm 51), I've done several style workshops online. Whenever they suggest coming up with the words you want to guide your style choices, "Comfortable" is always top of my list. And I've discovered it's true! After believing that myth for years, it's nice to find it's a false myth!

    1. What's great is that we can be comfortable for all occasions and look amazing. Comfort comes in great fits, quality fabrics, and clothes who send the messages about us we want to send. So glad you are learning it. That's about the age I began to learn.

  2. I totally agree with you… comfort has nothing to do with frumpy. We can be comfortable and look elegant and stylish, it's all about finding the appropriate outfit for each situation.

  3. Many years ago a friend of my late mother's said that you should always dress well at home. She said that it makes you feel better & besides that there is no reason to scare the UPS man when he makes a delivery. It seems that some time ago, we starting confusing comfortable with sloppy.

    1. I laughed at your comment…thinking about what UPS guys have to put up with!! My family were the ones that made me get nice thing to wear at home. I came to it slowly, but glad I finally did it! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ahhh, MTM had a wonderful smile! I used to love that show when I was little.
    Those clothes are very stylish and look very comfortable. I do have my "no one see me" days (large top, yoga pants), but almost every day I try to dress stylishly. I think the tunic tops and skinny pants right now can be very flattering and oh-so-comfortable! Thanks for some good ideas.

    1. The volume on the top (tunic) and skinny on the bottom is very flattering if you don't go too big with the tunic. I began to try on smaller sizes in tunics and it made a huge difference and now I see how flattering and comfortable that look can be. Thanks Andrea!

  5. Gosh I need to hear this. Giving real examples of comfy and stylish clothes is so helpful. I can see myself in some of these. Now the courage to change my look and find my look….

    1. There are so many styles like this now…I no longer wear oversized tee shirts…they are in my past and I am so glad to have them gone. Well, accept when I work out. You will love wearing garments like the ones pictured! Thanks for being honest with your comment…others will identify.

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