Super Bowl Game Plan: Eat Healthy!

It is amazing that the second largest food consumption day next to Thanksgiving is Super Bowl Sunday! I was at the grocery on Sunday and the amount of food in the baskets was overwhelming to say the least…I honestly believe one woman purchased every jalapeno popper the store had to sell.  So, in an effort to try and stay on some type of healthy eating plan, we made a pact with our friends to eat healthy on a day when the game is an excuse to overindulge.

We developed a game plan, and made sure the teammates (husbands in this case) were aware of our strategy to victory.

In fact, the whole meal was delicious and we did not miss hot dogs or hamburgers one bit.  They roasted a port tenderloin, and roasted a vegetable mix.  I brought a salad of mixed greens, strawberries, walnuts, and feta…with a light raspberry vinaigrette.  

We did enjoy dessert…sliced bananas cooked in coconut oil, with cinnamon, chia seed, roasted sunflower seeds, and a sprinkling of Stevia Brown Sugar served over vanilla frozen yogurt!! Delish!

We had such a lovely evening…good friends, great game, and for once I do not feel guilty about what I ate.

We stuck to the game plan and it worked!

One day…or event…at a time…right?

Keep Smiling!!



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