A New Ralph Lauren Jacket…from a Treasure Hunt!

I have been reporting results of my treasure hunts at GOODWILL SA for a little over three years now.  Some of my favorite finds are when I discover a high end garment which is brand new with tags still on it.  

This is a new Ralph Lauren jacket I uncovered recently and though it is just a tad large, it really is a great piece for me for only $5.99! 

 I suppose my biggest pieces of advice are to stop by a GOODWILL SA location often; and do it when you have some time to shop.  You never know what you will find!  Here are a few other treasures I saw recently….

San Antonio is lucky to have such a great GOODWILL organization which gives a lot back to our community.  As I like to say…so many treasurers, so little time.

Keep Smiling!

Disclaimer:  I am compensated for this post, but the words are my own!


  1. Thank you so much for posting your fabulous Goodwill finds! I would have to say that 99% of my current wardrobe is from Goodwill. I follow a few 'over 50'fashion bloggers, and I get quite discouraged when I click on the links provided and see the cost of the clothes they wear. It's still fun to follow them because they are lovely women, but seeing a fashionable blogger getting items from Goodwill really gives me a lift. I think I'll take a trip to Goodwill today!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I love a good treasure hunt…getting quality for less is so much fun. So often I find designer pieces with tags still on. It's fun and when you find a friend to go with…it can be the most fun day! Let me know what you discover at Goodwill!

  3. I've been following you for quite awhile, and appreciate your style commentary for women "of a certain age". I especially like the cut of the jeans you have on. They are straight leg without being too slouchy and too tight. Thankfully I sew, and I'm getting ready to make myself some jeans so have really been looking at styles.
    Now, you got that jacket for a real bargain – consider taking it to a professional dressmaker in SA to get it tailored for you. It's more than a tad too large. You may also consider a menswear tailor. They alter men's suits all the time.

  4. Thanks for the help, Marji! This is not a men's jacket…clearly marked Size 16 inside. But I agree it is large. I had planned to have it tailored soon. Thanks for reading and stopping by!!

  5. This is a seriously bad fitting jacket. I know you said it was too large but it shouldn't be shown on a "fashion" blog like this. Purchasing an item because the price is deeply discounted is not a good buy for anyones closet. That's how people end up with tons of clothes and nothing to wear. Buying "stuff" because they think they're getting a bargain is not a bargain. Now if you said I bought it for $6 and had it tailored for $40 that would be a smart purchase. Gladys

  6. Hi Gladys…thanks for stopping by. There wasn't time to have it tailored, but I always planned to do so. In fact, my tailor has given me a quote less than $40. The purpose here is to show the great finds at Goodwill…and NOT to encourage someone to load up their closet with anything. I appreciate you.

  7. I have said earlier in the comments that I have already spoken to a tailor to have the jacket fashioned for my body type. When you get a phenomenal find such as this, it makes perfect sense to hire a tailor. For the price she quoted me, it would still be way under department store prices. Tough crowd today…but I should've put in the post that I hired the tailor…I did admit in the post it is too large.

  8. I love a good thrift store deal! I have a gorgeous Ralph Lauren suede jacket I found for $15! Amazing yours still had tags.

  9. I'm glad you're planning to have the jacket tailored to fit you better. It's a wonderful find and definitely worth the extra cost of doing that. I'm wondering if you'd consider doing another post with before and after photos? It might encourage other frugal fashionistas to follow your example.

  10. Yes the jacket will look good after it is altered. A good tailor is always a must. Almost any article of clothing will look better with good tailoring.

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