Fashion Over 50: What Women Wore and A Question for You!

Friday night was a special awards event to honor the entrepreneur spirit of businesswomen and future businesswomen in San Antonio. As editor of our magazine, I was asked to hand out the Inspiration Award…which is perfect since INSPIRATION is my personal focus word for 2017.

I wore a simple black dress with an Eileen Fisher jacket over it which had a little bit of shine to it. I had

planned to wear a fancier navy blue dress, but the sheer blue hose I ordered have not arrived yet.  Poor planning on my part!

I thought you might enjoy seeing what some of the other ladies wore.  I always like to look around and see how women dress for a fancier event!

It was a lovely evening.  Now here is a question for you…

Hose seem to be making a comeback! I saw many wearing them last night.  However, they are almost impossible to find in a store front now.

So, I ask…do you wear them with your dresses or are they gone from your life?

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I wear hose everyday for work. It is a requirement and I'm so glad they changed the dress code to require this. It is much more polished than white, freckled or spotty bare legs. Even younger women who desire a more polished look seem to be on board; dare I mention Kate Middleton? I think as women age, legs tend to do the same. I never liked the no stocking look and find it looks kind of unkempt. There are so many sheer varieties in stores that frankly enhance a woman's legs. I buy more expensive brands to get the most sheer and natural looking. And yes, they look natural! Talbots has them and Dillard's has them. Amazon is also a good source for nicer ones. Yes, they are expensive since you have to replace often, but I find the trade off is a far more polished look than the bare legs you see running around. I always say, just because something is on trend doesn't mean you should wear it or do it. Bare legs fit in that category, especially for anyone who is no longer in their 20's. Obviously just my opinion!

  2. Thanks Karen. I always look forward to what you have to say. Someone encouraged me to wear the blue dress last night with bare legs, but I just couldn't do it. So, I went with my black since I had those sheer hose on hand. I was glad when I got to the event to see so many women wearing hose. Thanks for the heads up about Dillards…since I am often there, I will look for the hose!

  3. I am not a fashionista at all. In fact the last time I wore a dress, other than maybe a sundress in the summer, was 6 years ago at my daughters wedding dance. I did not wear hose. I probably would not wear them now, although like I said I do not dress up formally very often.
    I have some tattoos on my leg and ankles that I like to show if I am wearing a dress.

  4. I personally do like the look of hose when a woman is dressed up for a special event or working in a professional setting. I think the addition of hose creates a much more polished look than just bare legs. Especially as we grow older, our "naked" legs don't look particularly attractive (brown spots from years of sun, or broken veins, or just too pale). It's okay to have bare legs under shorts or casual skirts for everyday casual situations. But, for a dressy occasion, I like the more polished look of hose. I live in a hot climate, so I don't like the extra layer of hose — they can be hot. But, it is possible to find light, summer-weight hose. They are out there. I also shop at Dillards and agree that you might find suitable hose there.

  5. Pam, It's interesting to note that the person who changed our dress code is the very well-dressed COO of the hospital, a woman "of a certain age"!

  6. I know many women who are just like you, Michele. In fact, there were a couple at last night's event who wore pants, because they are not confident of their legs and did not want to wear hose. Sounds like you are confident of your legs…so I encourage you to wear simple, easy casual dresses more often…You might like it. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I wear them if the occasion is more formal. It adds a level of polish that appeals to my usually over dressed (and happy to be) look. I love how you looked! That would be my choice. I am interested to see how many women are showing bare arms.

  8. First of all, I like what you chose to wear to the event and I also enjoyed seeing the attire of a few of the other women in attendance. As for your question, I typically do not wear hose and haven't since my early twenties. However, I have recently tried some trendier patterned and sheer colored options and think they are fun to wear.

  9. I very seldom have the occasion to wear dresses, but when I do I definitely wear hose. You're right though they are getting harder to find. I see a lot of tights, but not hose.

  10. It's interesting that the younger fashionistas have been wearing opaque tights with dresses all winter but would go for white (or fake tan) legs when the weather warms slightly. I think there are very few of us that look good without hose (dark or natural) and they are all under the age of 35.

  11. I was surprised at how many…like the woman I pictured…My arms are better since weight lifting class, but I still am not confident to go sleeveless. I hope I will again soon.

  12. I also love the patterned hose…I have some black sheer ones with black polka dots that I love. Thanks for bringing those up Jennie and for the kind words.

  13. You are probably right Karen…though last summer I was able to use a great self tanner and get away with a casual dress or skirt…but I just feel better in the hose. Thanks!

  14. I wear sheer hose and black tights, too! I see that someone else mentioned Talbots for hosiery…when they're on sale, I stock up! You looked very chic!

    Renee in Northern California

  15. I am not a fan of the bare leg trend for an occasion that calls for a dress or nice skirt. Like many of the other ladies, I wear mostly pants, but when I do wear a dress, I feel much more confident wearing hose. Your outfit was great.

  16. I am not comfortable with my bare legs exposed with a knee length skirt or dress. For the past couple of years, I will wear long skirts only — or else wear tights with shorter hems during the winter. I just purchased hose yesterday because I have several dresses that I want to wear this spring and summer. I'm glad to hear hose is making a comeback. I purchased Hanes Silk Reflections (in Nude) from my local Kohls. About $10.

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