The Hottest Mother/Daughter Team in Women’s Fashion

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I would like to
introduce you to one of my favorite Mother/Daughter teams….Marla Wynne and her
daughter Sydney Baran.  I first wrote
about Marla and her incredible clothing design in 2012, HERE.  She has had amazing success since then and
now Sydney has joined the company.  I
love her approach to wardrobe building and for those of you who are enjoying
retirement and a more relaxed lifestyle, her clothes are perfect for confident
dressing over 50.
This is one of my favorite looks right now…I really like the
blush pink and shorter pant.  Her fabrics
and design are top notch and you can see her new collection tomorrow, May 13 on HSN.  Before then, meet these fun ladies
in this interview I was honored to conduct with them.
Pam:  Marla, I last spoke with you in 2012.  What has happened with your brand since
Marla:  Our business has grown considerably since
2012.  At that time, our sales were around
$2 million and we are currently on track to do in excess of $27 million this
year.  We have opened The Shopping Channel
in Canada, and QVC UK, as well as, TVSN in Australia.  We are one of the fastest growing brands in
those markets. We have greatly expanded our line to include jewelry, totes,
jackets, and coats.  Our FLATTERFIT pants
and stretch denim have become international hits for us.  This month we launched WynneLayers, a “layering
concept” that I developed with my daughter. 
It was an exciting launch with almost 20% of our total inventory sold
before we went on the air!
Pam:  What lessons have yielded the greatest value
in building a fashion brand? 
Marla:  I have learned that every single customer
counts.  We earn our business “one back
at a time” and care deeply about what our customers need and want. That’s why
we spend so much time on communicating with our customers on our social media
platforms.  This month we also launched a
survey that we hope your readers might be interested in.  It allows us to know what they like, need,
and want….and their opinions matter.  To
fill out the survey go to
It is a great way for us to get to know each other.

Pam:  When did Sydney join your company and what
are her primary roles?

Marla:  Syd joined the company last May.  While currently wearing the hat of a “girl
Friday” her primary role is to learn the business from the bottom up. As my
Executive Assistant, she is getting an overview of the business from every
level. She is also appearing with me on-air globally and rapidly developing her
own following.
Pam:  Tell us the vision for your Layers line and
how you developed the mission for the line?
Marla:  Syd and I wanted to create a line that we
felt was for women of all ages. While she loves many of the pieces we do in
MarlaWynne Collection, some are a bit too mature.  I don’t think there’s a piece in WYNNELAYERS she wouldn’t (and does) wear!
Pam:  How different is it to dress your daughter’s
age group as well as your own? 
Marla:  It’s more about how we style things.  Her age group mixes it up a bit more than I
do.  They are comfortable with sleeveless
pieces, belts and ripped jeans.  Their
emphasis I on fashion and style and think ours is on fit and quality.  At our age, we know our style and tend to
purchase pieces that reflect our personal style versus what’s in and trending.
We want to be fashionable but I do not think we chase trends.
Pam:  In 2012, you advised us to buy what fits our
personal style.  Many women ask me, how
do you discover your personal style?  I
have a system, but what do you say.
Marla:  Personal style has to do with knowing who you
are and the willingness to express it. 
There is an authenticity to personal style that is fearless.  Personal style is not about what’s hot and
happening.  It’s about fully embracing
your own taste with confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t
come easily to everyone, but everyone can discover their personal style once
they are willing to embrace their unique selves.  Listen to yourself.  Ignore trends.  Create a wardrobe that fits the life your
Pam:  Sydney, what is your advice for women in their
30’s on how to develop personal style?
Sydney:  I think the best place to start is with some
core basics and then you build on top of that with a fantastic scarf or a great
pair of shoes.  To me, personal style is
what happens when you take the colors, patterns and fabrics that inspire you
and put them together in your own unique way! Trends are trends; but I think
the best personal style one can develop is one built on confidence and being
comfortable.  If you aren’t comfortable
it shows and people notice. A woman with personal style is one who exudes
confidence without being over the top. 
Sometimes, I find that the women with the best sense of style are those
who aren’t necessarily wearing the brightest colors; sometimes a black and
white outfit with a pair of gold or silver flats make all the difference.  The key is simplicity in my opinion and, of
course, you always want to stay classy and elegant.  My mother always told me less is more and
that is what I try to convey when I get dressed every morning.

I have enjoyed getting to know both of these inspiring
women.  They remind us how special
mother/daughter teams can be.  If you
have some time tomorrow, watch them introduce a new collection on HSN. Excellent
clothing and a fun presentation.


Happy Weekend!
Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own. 


  1. I love Marla Wynne's fashions!! I discovered her on The Shopping Channel here in Canada last year and have a duster quite similar to the one you are wearing. Her pieces are unique and very good quality.

  2. I love the green gold and black combo! I'm also a big fan of the sweater you're wearing over the blush outfit, but at 5 feet tall, I could never wear it 🙁 Thanks for sharing these clothes!

  3. You are right, Yvonne…the quality is excellent! I can do so many things with these dusters. The way she designs her collections for wardrobe building is awesome!

  4. There are petite sizes…so make sure to check her out on HSN! So many more pieces in her collections than this and there is a new collection rolled out tomorrow!

  5. I like the color palette these ladies use. Anything to get me out of black and into something resembling a color is good! Do you know where most of the clothes are made?

  6. I do not know the answer, Anita. But Marla is so kind and is very interactive with the customers. You might go to her Facebook page at the bottom of this post and ask her yourself. She will answer!

  7. I am just under 5'3" and was concerned about the length of many of her clothes—good to know there are petites! Thanks!

  8. I am not 100% sure on how she does petite sizing. I would encourage you to contact her on Facebook and specifically ask how she handles this.

  9. I have also seen her presentations on HSN, and while her clothes are attractive, they are impossible for someone who is 5'2" to wear as they are long and loose and wide. They also seem better suited for busty apple shapes who want to hide their tummies than someone who prefers more form fitting clothing. I'd like deeper colors as well; her soft colors wash out my 'deep autumn' complexion which needs more contrast.

  10. I do think it is important for designers to hear from everyone…make sure you let her know these things on her Facebook page. I believe she is someone who wants to know and that is why she developed the survey mentioned above.

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