7 Steps for Shopping the New Retail World of Sales

We live in a new world of retail where many of our favorite stores are beginning to close locations and struggling to find ways to survive.  In the past, one of the best times to shop was during mid-to-late July.  The clearance sales were always amazing.

However, now the sales are constant and you can actually pick up great deals almost constantly.

It is enough to make our heads spin…closets bulge…and budgets bust!

I love sales and love the challenge of finding a great piece at a super price.

However, I have learned to follow these steps in order to keep myself in check:

1.  Evaluate your wardrobe.  Know what you have and don’t have in the closet.  

2.  Make sure you have great basics.  Once you know those are in your wardrobe then sale shopping is about finding creative, unique fun pieces which stamp your personal style.

3.  I always make sure what I purchase sends the messages I want to send with my clothing.  If it is outside of those messages, then it is a waste of money for me.  I have five adjectives I am looking to communicate each time I leave my home….controlling those five messages has helped me to have a strong, confident style over 50.

4.  I take my measurements often with a tape measure and make sure I know them when shopping.  Sadly, sizes are NOT universal and the measurements are important.

5.  I try on trends in a store so I know what works and doesn’t work on my body type.  Then I don’t get lured by a trend online…they can be similar to fish bait and just reel us in if we are not careful. I love trends to update and keep my wardrobe current and youthful…but many only work for the young anyway!

6.  Know your best colors and stay true to them.  This summer and fall there are colors for everyone!  I can make my love of military green work all year long…but there are many colors I need to avoid.

7.  Read the small print when shopping big sales online.  Is there a restocking fee?  Is there a non-returnable clause?  Are there special considerations if you pay with Paypal?  Be careful…read.

Here is the fun part, there are great sales at top retailers right now.  If you take the time to really shop, you can find amazing quality and creativity at an incredible price.  This changing world of retail works to our advantage.   Do not assume that some of these stores are out of your price range.  You just might be surprised.  Also, sign up for all of your favorite retailers’ emails.  These often bring big announcements and opportunities first. 

Also, remember the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just around the corner …when you can pick up NEW fall styles at a discount…so save some of your budget! 

Now, with all of that behind us…let’s see who is having the big sales right now….

Happy Saturday, have fun shopping!


  1. Such great tips, Pam! You taught me about the Foundational Five and I never shop without the card mine are printed on. As you say, it is easy to get reeled in by things we see online. A current understanding of what basics we have and any wardrobe gaps is a lifesaver for keeping things in check.

  2. Hi Pam,
    I think it's sad that so many stores are closing. I need to try on sizes at the stores. Eventually restaurants will be the main buildings. I was intrigued by your tagline to get a plant.

  3. Janice, I am in total agreement…I love stores. I love the whole shoppng experience with stores and even eating in store restaurants…I day out with friends. I prefer to try garments on in stores and I am a proponent of trying on clothing! But, sadly the trouble some stores are in means the marketing changes. So we are seeing more sales and push for sales than before plus there are more stipulations on returns. As consumers we must be smarter…that is the reason for the post. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I'm on the short side so I absolutely have to try everything on before I buy. Online clothing shopping isn't for me but I can contentedly shop the sales in the remaining brick-and-mortar stores for hours!

  5. Smart, smart advice, Pam! I wish I liked to shop… I don't, so online shopping is perfect for me. I'm an expert at navigating those waters. xoxox, B

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