Linen: The Most Controversial Fabric

Linen is by far the most controversial fabric around, but is one of the ways I manage summer heat.  I have learned for linen garments it is worth spending a little more…because then they wrinkle a lot less!  This is an Eileen Fisher kimono and I love it!

It is very cool in summer heat…and the olive green is one of my favorite colors, I can wear all year long.

This look with my ballet flats, and IC Collection pants is one I will wear often over the next few months.  I like the “oriental” style. 

The necklace is one I found years ago at Chicos and is a perfect completer piece.

But, back to the original comment…I have so many friends who will not wear linen at all.  I struggled with it for years, until I finally decided to buy one garment which cost more than the others.  I actually sat, up and down, and scrunched it up to see how bad the wrinkling was.   It worked, because this garment is “Pam-style” and ultimately my cost per wear will be very low!

So, how do you feel about linen??  

I have some selections for you to consider below including this jacket. 

Keep Smiling, Everyone!
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  1. I love linen and have worn it since my 20's. It's one of my favourite fabrics for the summer. I have been known to use starch when ironing a linen blouse or jacket. It does help a bit with the wrinkling. Another stunning necklace on you Pam.

    1. I think that is the mindset you have to have to wear linen often. This jacket was so cool in our heat, I know I will wear it a lot. Thanks for stopping by Josephine!

  2. I love the "idea" and look of linen but the wrinkles drive me crazy! I only own one piece at the moment, and unstructured jacket in a lovely shade of pink – and it was quite pricey. It's so lovely when I first put it on – but I just can't carry off that wrinkled chic look – so sad. 🙂

    1. Well, I though the pricey ones solved the problem…but perhaps not. I do know this jacket does not wrinkle like the linen I have worn previously did. Thanks for chiming in, Margie!

  3. Your cutest outfit to date! I love linen and live in a hot climate (Phoenix,AZ) so without linen it would be unbearable. Yes, JJill offers medium priced linen. Yes it wrinkles but the feel out weighs the wrinkles.

  4. I've bought really expensive linen and still wound up looking like an unmade bed. That doesn't mean I don't do the scrunch test on every piece that peaks my interest, but no thank you.

  5. If you click on the Eileen Fisher Olive green jacket, it says it is made of organic cotton. Perhaps it is cotton with a linen look weave? I live in Alabama where it is quite humid and warm, but I am not a fan of linen. I am not sure price helps. There are some linen blends maybe a bit better….. but I really avoid linen. I look like I slept in it, got up and just wore it on out….. Awful. I go with cotton and light rayon blends. I used to work at J Jill and there is the "love linen" group and the "hate linen" group!! 😀

    1. Wow, Beth, I did not do that! The salesperson told me it was linen and I blindly accepted. Perhaps this is why is does not wrinkle…still love the jacket. Maybe I am staying in the "don't like linen so much" group!

  6. Linen is an attitude. You just have to get over it. That doesn't mean wad it up in a ball then put it on. But I usually wash it, shake it out, hang it up to dry and wear it. I may iron a collar that does' lay right or a placket folder over wrong but that's about it. otherwise pretty much wash and wear. It's summer in Alabama. Anything is going to wrinkle as soon as you walk out the door.

  7. I'm paraphrasing but long ago I heard Oprah say, "It's linen. It's supposed to wrinkle. That's what you are paying for." Linen is a summer staple in humid Southern summers. As are the wrinkles.

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