Now, we are going from discussing “real women,” to keeping it real when we face new signs of aging.  Don’t you wonder what my granddaughter and her cat are thinking?  Perhaps this is just a wonderful innocent moment of desiring to experience the world (or backyard). Do you ever wish you were back there starting over?

I honestly am happy where I am.  When women over fifty dress or try to look as if they are twenty, I do not get it. For me, trying to look too young has backfired and actually makes me look older.  So I am fine with looking my best at age 63…not trying to be over 50 feeling 20…that is not realistic.

I would rather focus on fun accessories to pump up a look, than lament over my curvy body….funky hammer toes…torn ear lobes…and wrinkled mouth!  All of those issues are my reality, but easy for me to handle.  The phrases anti-aging and ageless fashion are not reality.  We age!  Looking and feeling our best takes on different meanings for different women.  We all have to set our own priorities with the budget we desire to spend to look and feel our best.  But, I know if I am trying to wipe out aging, it is a battle I will lose.

For now, I am going to spend money on hair color, great skincare products, and clothing.  But, I am not going to spend it on botox.  There are some other things I would do if I had the money, but my reality is that I have to be frugal.  However, when a friend says they are doing a procedure, I tell them that is awesome and I hope it brings the results they desire.  

My over 60 friend, Cindy, can rock heels like anyone and loves to wear them every day.  But, my reality dictates flats to care for feet with many issues….

I am not going to get depressed as I age about the realities…just deal with them, strive to look my best and have fun…one day at a time!  We spend most of our youth desiring to look older, and most of our mature years desiring to look younger.  Acceptance is much less stressful and costs less!

Are you struggling with aging or finding ways to enjoy it?  Please share your thoughts!

Then Keep Smiling!


About the outfit:  I love the Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings in blue denim. I have the long and the cropped version below. They always make me feel good about my look. The necklace was a consignment shop treasure.   Most of the other pieces are old ones, but I selected some similar styles for you below…Enjoy!

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