Fashion Over 50: Keeping It Real about the Age Factor

Now, we are going from discussing “real women,” to keeping it real when we face new signs of aging.  Don’t you wonder what my granddaughter and her cat are thinking?  Perhaps this is just a wonderful innocent moment of desiring to experience the world (or backyard). Do you ever wish you were back there starting over?

I honestly am happy where I am.  When women over fifty dress or try to look as if they are twenty, I do not get it. For me, trying to look too young has backfired and actually makes me look older.  So I am fine with looking my best at age 63…not trying to be over 50 feeling 20…that is not realistic.

I would rather focus on fun accessories to pump up a look, than lament over my curvy body….funky hammer toes…torn ear lobes…and wrinkled mouth!  All of those issues are my reality, but easy for me to handle.  The phrases anti-aging and ageless fashion are not reality.  We age!  Looking and feeling our best takes on different meanings for different women.  We all have to set our own priorities with the budget we desire to spend to look and feel our best.  But, I know if I am trying to wipe out aging, it is a battle I will lose.

For now, I am going to spend money on hair color, great skincare products, and clothing.  But, I am not going to spend it on botox.  There are some other things I would do if I had the money, but my reality is that I have to be frugal.  However, when a friend says they are doing a procedure, I tell them that is awesome and I hope it brings the results they desire.  

My over 60 friend, Cindy, can rock heels like anyone and loves to wear them every day.  But, my reality dictates flats to care for feet with many issues….

I am not going to get depressed as I age about the realities…just deal with them, strive to look my best and have fun…one day at a time!  We spend most of our youth desiring to look older, and most of our mature years desiring to look younger.  Acceptance is much less stressful and costs less!

Are you struggling with aging or finding ways to enjoy it?  Please share your thoughts!

Then Keep Smiling!


About the outfit:  I love the Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings in blue denim. I have the long and the cropped version below. They always make me feel good about my look. The necklace was a consignment shop treasure.   Most of the other pieces are old ones, but I selected some similar styles for you below…Enjoy!

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  1. Beautifully said, Pam! I am in complete agreement with you. In 12 days I will turn 60 and I KNOW that it is a privilege that some are not lucky enough to experience —therefore, NO COMPLAINTS here! Like you, I strive to look my best for my age because it pleases ME to do so. Like you, my "beauty" budget goes toward hair color, skincare products, clothing and the gym. I can truly say that in the last year I have turned a corner and settled into my skin more comfortably as the big 6-0 approaches and, I have to say, I believe people are responding to it in a far more significant way than if they responded to new clothes or a new hairstyle. I am also getting so much pleasure from blogs like yours that deal with these issues ….it is such a supportive, inspiring community. Thank you for being here!

  2. Wow! this is a sharp look. I would wear this is a red hot minute. I also liked the previous black outfit with the tortoise shell jewelry and animal print flats. I think the darker tones frame you better. You stand with a relaxed confidence.

  3. You are so welcome, Deb! Also, beautifully said. Overcoming my fear of the gym has played a huge role in my acceptance of age and feeling good about it. For many reasons, it has been my best time of life and you are right, many do not get to see it…so I consider each day a blessing. Thanks so much

  4. They are the most flattering pant and comfortable, Cathy. I have them in blue denim, black and white. On some mornings when I am down on the way I look, I only have to pull on a pair of Metro Leggings for some confidence Thanks for the comment.

  5. Thank you so much. My personal style is neutral based and jewel,rich toned color. I love them and perhaps do stand more confident wearing them. I have tried to love pastels, but right now, they are not the best for me.

  6. I really enjoyed your post today! You are real girl and we all have problems and issues, we need to enjoy life more!!!

  7. It has been a rough year for me. Aging mixed with a few other things but I need to stop viewing some of the life decisions I'm facing through the lens of aging. If that makes sense. I'm pretty confident it doesn't make sense 🙂 but it does to me and I love reading your musings because they always help me reframe my world.

  8. Actually, Carla, I get it! It makes sense to me. I am so sorry it has been a rough year…but I love your smile and don't let anything or anyone steal it from you!

  9. I love to see well-dressed women of ANY age…but especially graceful, confident 45 plussers. So inspiring! I'll be joining the 50+ group very soon.

  10. I agree with your thoughts on aging. This is the body God gave me and I am thankful to be here! I have enjoyed fashion my whole life and plan to continue to dress in a way to look my best at my age? Love your necklace, it really adds to your outfit.

  11. Pam, this is the first time I have commented on your blog, but you said this so well…. 🙂 I have had to deal with some mobility issues (I have scoliosis) that has kept me from walking like I used to, but I still do walk some. I do need to up my exercise the best I can as I have put on some weight. Like you, I try to get the best hair care and coloring, and buy attractive clothes that work for MY body and shape. While I use good makeup I haven't worried too much yet about creams and wrinkle products, and that would be to my benefit to do so. I'm a little shy about trying the gym, and I am limited on doing some exercises, but I do still walk (just not as much nor as fast) and I do chair yoga, which I love!! I will be 60 in October, and still feel young (though I do not dress like a teenager!! :D) Thank you for being an inspiration!! 🙂

  12. I'm with you on these, Pam! There are numerous fashion bloggers of a certain age who are wearing mini skirts, knee socks and posing on skate boards. That's not the message I want to hear. There's dressing youthful and looking silly. I'd rather be the former.

  13. Thanks so much for the comments and the words about the necklace. Found it at a consignment shop and loved it ever since. This is also what God has handed me and I know how He wants me to handle it, so I do my best to please Him. Thanks again Lynn.

  14. Beth, you have inspired me! To read you are dealing with mobility issues tells me so much. I know it must be hard, but you seem strong and positive. I understand why the gym would be a challenge, but I encourage you to keep up the chair yoga…so certain it helps. Thanks for being here and for showing us all what determination and strength looks like.

  15. I know exactly what you are talking about, Brenda. I just want to be real about what aging really looks like for most of us and not sugar coat or try to portray a world it is not. Thanks for the comment!

  16. Hi Pam
    I am way behind on my blog reading. You have done some fabulous posts lately. I too can no longer wear heels (to be honest I never did much anyway) I think we are very fortunate to see more and more fashion forward flats. Good Luck speaking at your reunion why is it always so intimidating to reconnect with those who knew us when?!!

  17. Thank you, Cindy…I am honored you said that and really appreciate it. I love my flats…they are fun…it is rare and only occasionally I miss the heels. I will write about my reunion next week. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  18. Hi, Pam!
    Thank you for stating so beautifully what so many of us are thinking. By the way, that jacket is amazing! ~ Sharon

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