Fashion Over 50: Time to Lighten Up!

It is time to lighten up…my style and my attitude toward summer! I am born and raised Texan and still not a fan of the heat.  However, I know many people who love it…moved here for it…and prefer the heat to anything else.  I thought about them last Saturday as I sat at a backyard picnic with sweat running down my back…and I even dressed with light fabrics because the forecast was for a heat index of 105.

Readers know I traditionally dress in saturated colors like this and that I love to wear black!

Just to be different…I am attempting this summer to lighten up more.

Today, I selected my light gray Eileen Fisher pants, a white tunic, and added some “summer” colors in accessories.  I liked it and this is something I can do often.  I am not a fan of pastels (for me), but lighter neutrals with purposeful accessories is something I can do.

I actually grabbed this scarf recently while walking through Chicos…everything is 40% off  at the moment.


Two of my goals right now are to lighten up a bit more this year and to make friends with summer.  I am a July lady, after all, so I should find a way to like it,  

How do you lighten up your style in the summertime….

Here are some similar selections for your consideration…

Despite the sweat…Keep Smiling!


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  1. I love the yellow on you! It looks fresh and cool, even if you are sweating. The necklace is stunning too. I'm wearing a few pastels this summer and liking the look. It's a real change from my all black wardrobe.

  2. I am not a fan of summer or summer clothes. I live in the Midwest where, on many days, the temperature & the humidity are matching numbers. I don't wear sleeveless things & many of the summer dresses are what Stacy & Clinton referred to as the "I give up" look, very sack like. I often feel underdressed, rumpled & frumpy in the summer. I wish you well in making peace with summer. Meanwhile, I will stay indoors as much as possible & count down the days until fall.

    1. I understand how you feel, Becky. I also end up counting down those days as well. Try a couple of sheer kimonos over your dresses or sleeveless styles…they are a fun way to feel confident.

  3. This scarf is a beautiful colour and looks great on you! I've decided this summer I don't care if my arms don't look great when it's hot I will wear sleeveless! This is the body I have now and I'm going to embrace it 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy…they might have one at your local Chico's. Print the picture and take it in. I could not find one online…but perhaps they could help you track one down. I like it alot. Thanks!

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