Friday Thoughts: Workouts, Facial Products, and Over 50 Fashion

Thank goodness it is Friday!  It has been a very busy month which interrupted my workouts, so I returned to strength training this week and feel sore…but better.  What is so important is to go back even if you have to stop for a while.

I mentioned three of my favorite facial products to my sorority last weekend, so here are the links, ladies, to the ones mentioned specifically….


Also, several of you asked where Linda found her tunic from MONDAY”S POST.  She said she has owned it for five years and it is a FOXCROFT COLLECTION Tunic.  They have some great tunics on their website here and sell at many retailers.  I also own a FOXCROFT tunic which I love and wear often.

Finally, didn’t over-70 Sally Field look amazing at the Tony Awards?  She is inspirational. One of the best looks on the Red Carpet last week.

Now it’s time to shop for Father’s Day!!
Happy Friday and Keep Smiling!


  1. Thank you Pam for your devotion to providing interesting content complete with pictures for us. You are a mom, wife, grandmother, friend, and working woman trying to eat and exercise well. WHEW! That's some kind of busy…just wanted to say THANKS A BUNCH!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. Due to a number of reasons, I've slipped from my walking routine. And, I'm glad to be reminded that it is important to return!! I just LOVE Sally Field. She's always so classy and lovely.

    1. I know how hard it is, Beth. I have had to go back after two big injuries to hip and knee. I have learned no matter what I do ….know matter how small the workout seems…that it does make a difference. Have a great weekend!

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