Fashion Over 50: Outrageous, Boring, or Something Else?

Do you consider yourself bold and outrageous?  I read this week about one 76 -year -old
woman who had a goal to do something outrageous every week. She did not want
her life to be boring and predictable.

I tend to be more on the predictable side.  For example, I love neutrals…like you see on
me here and some might say that is boring.   I do wear color, but I really LOVE neutrals
and believe them to be strong and chic.  I also do all I can to protect my
schedule.  I go to bed and rise at pretty
much the same time every day…and I get grumpy when I don’t.  I know that might be a little boring as well…I
consider it healthy.

So, I began to ponder being bolder and outrageous and what
that would mean in my life right now.  I
do not have an answer for you…and I am NOT going to jump out of an airplane
(unless someone pushes me!).  What would
it mean for you?  How outrageous have you
been lately?
About, today’s outfit. 
I agree that I might have been a little repetitive lately in my choice
of pants.  So, for this day I reached
into my closet to take out a pair of older Eileen Fisher slate gray pants I
haven’t worn in a while.  I love these
pants and they are very cool in the warmer weather.  I also love this necklace with them. I think
most of us put silver jewelry with gray, but I like that this necklace demands
gold go with it.  (Is that being bold?)  I think there are more choices in the fashion
world than just outrageous and boring. 
Thank goodness that is the case.
Since I am loving my peep toe wedges, I selected some fun
peep toe options for you below….and there are a few on sale.  Nothing outrageous…but some beautiful shoes.

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Maybe I will really mix my life up and order a new food
today at lunch…it’s a start!
Keep Smiling, Everyone!


  1. I know the three of us, tend to be more conservative too!! But just getting my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) and my stepmom (the 60+ model) to model for the blog, was a bit bold, I think!! So maybe we just need to take baby steps to get out of our ruts??
    Your necklace is quite a fun piece!!

  2. I have a 69 year old friend who just returned from a 6 week trip to a remote village in India to document the opening of a Buddhist nunnery; no heat, intermittent power outages, all while nursing a torn ACL!!!! I have a 57 year old sister who thinks a day trip to NYC is the height of being bold and outrageous….it's difficult not to judge what looks pretty boring and safe but clearly, it's subjective, so I TRY not to (not very successfully, I'm afraid). I'm about to go visit my son in London for a week, given recent events there, this is my bold and outrageous move — pretty boring when you consider he is living there for a year, after living in Thailand for two years! It's all relative!

  3. Outrageous is a bit over the top for me, but I love to be bold or audacious in what I wear as well as in other aspects of life. Boring, I hope not! I often choose to wear neutrals, but I don't think they have to be boring especially if they're worn with interesting accessories. I love the necklace that you chose to wear with this outfit!

  4. Neutrals are elegant. I used to wear brights; they were, of course, very in at one point in the 80s and early 90s. However, my neutral now is "grey," which really means silver, anthracite, obsidian (my favorite grey), pearl, dove grey, pewter, etc. There are so many hues and shades of any neutral, that one must not see a neutral as necessarily boring. The key is not to wear 3 neutrals together unless you do something to link them together visually (but this is just my opinion). Also, the real key to what is boring is the cut of one's clothes. Clothes that fit you are rarely boring, it seems to me. Personally, I like what you're wearing. For one thing, I prefer quietly fitting in and looking, let's face it, better than most people you'll see in a given day, to looking like someone needs to put you out since you're on fire in brights. 😉

  5. What a great topic of conversation. I don't remember the last time I was outrageous but I'm in agreement with being a fan of dramatic dressing. Your necklace is great. If you ever get a chance, you should check out Canadian jewelry designer, Anne-Marie Chagnon – her pieces are bold and unique and would suit your style.

  6. I find much comfort in routine and generally enjoy the element of predictability in my life. Of course there are moments when I crave (and indulge in) something new, unexpected. I don't know how outrageous those things are to others but I do feel that each time we attempt something outside of our comfort zone, we're already living dangerously 🙂

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