Do you consider yourself bold and outrageous?  I read this week about one 76 -year -old
woman who had a goal to do something outrageous every week. She did not want
her life to be boring and predictable.

I tend to be more on the predictable side.  For example, I love neutrals…like you see on
me here and some might say that is boring.   I do wear color, but I really LOVE neutrals
and believe them to be strong and chic.  I also do all I can to protect my
schedule.  I go to bed and rise at pretty
much the same time every day…and I get grumpy when I don’t.  I know that might be a little boring as well…I
consider it healthy.

So, I began to ponder being bolder and outrageous and what
that would mean in my life right now.  I
do not have an answer for you…and I am NOT going to jump out of an airplane
(unless someone pushes me!).  What would
it mean for you?  How outrageous have you
been lately?
About, today’s outfit. 
I agree that I might have been a little repetitive lately in my choice
of pants.  So, for this day I reached
into my closet to take out a pair of older Eileen Fisher slate gray pants I
haven’t worn in a while.  I love these
pants and they are very cool in the warmer weather.  I also love this necklace with them. I think
most of us put silver jewelry with gray, but I like that this necklace demands
gold go with it.  (Is that being bold?)  I think there are more choices in the fashion
world than just outrageous and boring. 
Thank goodness that is the case.
Since I am loving my peep toe wedges, I selected some fun
peep toe options for you below….and there are a few on sale.  Nothing outrageous…but some beautiful shoes.

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Maybe I will really mix my life up and order a new food
today at lunch…it’s a start!
Keep Smiling, Everyone!

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