It is the First Friday of the month, and the time I usually offer one style tip to keep in mind throughout the month.  Something happened recently which has resulted in the post being a bit different this time.
In fact, this post may be for a very small segment of the
audience.  But, I feel really compelled
to address the fact there are some women who hate shopping so much it makes
them physically ill.  Recently, I was
with a group of ladies discussing all the great sales going on and planning our
shopping strategy.  One woman boldly
declared she never shops and hates it to her very core.
We probed to find out why and to encourage her to go…and she
began to experience the beginnings of a panic attack.  I still wanted to encourage her to get over
her fears, but when she began to look ill, I stopped. This was a reaction I
would have expected from someone being asked to jump out of a plane…not go to
the mall.   I thought about her for days
and how, if she will allow me, I would be willing to walk through this with her and face the shopping demons: 
After much thought, here are my tips for handling this situation:
First, go to lunch.  I would listen to her tell her story of why
shopping is such a huge fear. And I would mentally note each road block she
mentions.  I might ask her to explain
fully and to really consider what is going on in the store or dressing room.
Then I would offer to shop with her.  If she is feeling overweight, I would teach
her the principals of fitting her current body and how to look great right
now.  If she is feeling old, I would
teach her how to look current and put together.
I would try to show her that clothing which does
not fit well is not an indictment of her…but of the clothing. Not all clothing
is for all women.  Sizing is not universal.
Above all, I would show her that it is fun and
to laugh throughout the process. 
Clothing that does not fit or look right is not an indictment of the
woman or a reason to think badly of yourself.
Hopefully, a fun, positive experience would be a good start to such a woman feeling better about it.  I do understand low self-esteem does not just happen, and is not
completely fixed in one afternoon.  All I
ask for is a willing heart and belief it can turn around.  I hope this woman and others will be willing
to go forward and enjoy life more.  It is just too short not to.
How would you handle this situation?

Has anyone else experienced this type of extreme hatred for
shopping?  Maybe give us some insight as to why it would affect your health…..
For those who like to shop…here are some fun items currently on sale…..

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Smile While Your Shop!

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