As over 50 ladies, we are all pretty much the same.  We rise in the morning…stand in front of the mirror…and our eyes go first to what we feel are the “problem areas.”  We may see the wrinkles…the bags under eyes…the moles…or, in my case, the rolls in the middle.

Here are some of the ways I have improved my body image over 50:

  1. I try never to say, “Someday I will lose weight and be thin and then care about my dress.”  Instead I have learned to dress the body I have to look its best as it is and then focus on healthy eating and exercise.
  2. I do not spend time looking negatively at myself in the morning, but spend time getting myself ready and focusing on the total style I want for that day.  The focus is on the outfit building…no time for negative thoughts.

I could’ve put this classic Talbots outfit on and spent the entire time looking at the tire….but instead, I spend my dressing time putting different accessories with it and trying different styles.  At one point, I was looking at multiple necklaces and navy shoes.  But I felt more confident in this fun, long necklace which pulls out the pink and the nude shoes which compliment both (and seem more summery for a darker outfit).  Eventually, I became busy about enjoying my wardrobe and not spending my time with a negative “I Can’t Look Good” focus.

Again, I spend my dressing time putting the entire ensemble together and do not dwell on the negatives I might think I have.  It a much more positive focus.  I want to leave the house feeling confident so it is all about creating my style to achieve that end.  If you tend to be down on you, then switch your focus each morning and see if that will help.

I love to shop Talbots for quality, classic pieces.  The skirt has been in my closet for a few years, but the navy cardigan and sleeveless top are new purchases from the most recent Red Hangar Sale…which is an incredible sale, by the way.  I selected some pieces from Talbots below which currently have my eye!

Keep Smiling, All!

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