For anyone new, this is Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot where I have featured real women, in real fashion over 50, all summer! Today, meet my friend Brenda, the talented creator of 1010 Park Place .  I met up with Brenda last week at Neiman Marcus for a fall fashion preview and I fell in love with her kimono look!  She is pictured here with one of the sales associates from the store….whose look I also loved!  She is wearing a leather skirt!

Kimonos are showing up everywhere and on all ages of women!  I have seen them in elegant settings and in casual ones.  With denim…with leggings…with dresses…and with shorts.  Brenda wore hers with a beautiful detailed blouse which added depth to the style.

Notice the ribbon tie in the front of her kimono.  This is the latest trend in kimonos and is known as the kimono robe.  Yes, it looks very much like a dressing gown women traditionally wore at home only. But now is perfect for all phases of life and works so well in the summer heat.  The tie does give a more flattering shape to an over sized garment…especially from the back.

Watch for kimono robes to carry into the seasons ahead and there are some with velvet touches for the colder weather.  I believe Brenda completely hit her style sweet spot with this look!  And I found this exact kimono and some others available below…you might take some time to check them out!

So, what do you think?  Do you like kimono-robes or prefer them kept at home??  Let us know and thanks for stopping by and sharing the post!

Keep Smiling!!





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