Fashion Over 50: Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot with Kimonos

For anyone new, this is Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot where I have featured real women, in real fashion over 50, all summer! Today, meet my friend Brenda, the talented creator of 1010 Park Place .  I met up with Brenda last week at Neiman Marcus for a fall fashion preview and I fell in love with her kimono look!  She is pictured here with one of the sales associates from the store….whose look I also loved!  She is wearing a leather skirt!

Kimonos are showing up everywhere and on all ages of women!  I have seen them in elegant settings and in casual ones.  With denim…with leggings…with dresses…and with shorts.  Brenda wore hers with a beautiful detailed blouse which added depth to the style.

Notice the ribbon tie in the front of her kimono.  This is the latest trend in kimonos and is known as the kimono robe.  Yes, it looks very much like a dressing gown women traditionally wore at home only. But now is perfect for all phases of life and works so well in the summer heat.  The tie does give a more flattering shape to an over sized garment…especially from the back.

Watch for kimono robes to carry into the seasons ahead and there are some with velvet touches for the colder weather.  I believe Brenda completely hit her style sweet spot with this look!  And I found this exact kimono and some others available below…you might take some time to check them out!

So, what do you think?  Do you like kimono-robes or prefer them kept at home??  Let us know and thanks for stopping by and sharing the post!

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  1. It looks very pretty. I will admit, when I saw it full length, I did think it looked like a robe. I do like her pants a lot. I believe that if this is your style you will wear it well, as Brenda does. Where I live, and believe me this is not a cop out, things are not nearly so fashion forward. If I lived in Columbus for example, this would be the norm, a look like this. In my hometown people would stare thinking I was out in my pj’s and robe! This is not a fashion hot bed, but I am more of a classic dresser so I can have fun with fashion without venturing into high fashion. When shopping in or visiting a major city, I find I’m more adventurous! It’s all about knowing yourself and your fashion personality, I think. Brenda looks great!

  2. I understand what you are saying, Karen. I would not consider kimonos high fashion. In areas where the humidity and heat are gripping, these are a great way to be creative, fun, and cool! I do wear them to work on more casual-in-office days. It is a way to be adventurous. Mine are not the robe design, but It looked beautiful on Brenda which opened my eyes to the style. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts…you represent an important voice!

  3. Hi Pam, Thanks for featuring me, my kimono and my messy hair–unplanned! Friday night I wore it with jeans and a white tee to dinner with a group of girlfriends, and it was a totally different look. I hesitated about even keeping the kimono but was influenced by several of the women on Instagram I follow and who’s style I admire. I decided I’m 60+ so I can be a bit eccentric and wear what I want with no apologies! xoxox, Brenda

  4. I think it’s a fun look…I am glad you kept it and I bet you wear it often. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us.

  5. I am a huge fan of kimono dressing and of Brenda! She has a true and elegant style and her blog has an intellectual take on so many issues including style.

  6. I love the look and think it would be fun to wear when hostessing a party or attending one. Brenda could put on a burlap sack and carry it off like a movie star. 😉

  7. Such a pretty look! Kimonos are on my radar these days! You wear them beautifully Pam. I’m not sure I could carry off tying it closed without feeling I was wearing a bathrobe, but it looks great in Brenda!

  8. Thanks Jennifer…I love the one you wore on your blog this past week I thought Brenda pulled this off really well without it looking like a robe. I will need to try one on to see what I think about the robe-style.

  9. Pam, I love this look. Brenda looks stunning in her kimono, and this is a look I definitely would wear. I have 2 short (hip length) ones that I am wearing but have ordered a longer one. You are right — they are perfect in hot weather.

  10. Forgot to say that I am 67 and agree wholeheartedly with Brenda about being old enough to wear what I like!

  11. I am so glad I found them when I did…it was so hot where I am and now with this style I can feel somewhat put together! Thanks Cynthia…sounds like you have this look down!

  12. Thank you both for your style inspiration! I have an antique kimono that I hung as an art piece, now it is in storage. I’m going to dig it out and wear it with tights and boots, belting it like Brenda so beautifully did!!

  13. I think it looks fabulous! It is what a woman confident in herself would show up wearing to many events in the Houston area. Wish I had the height to wear it!!!! At 5’2″ I have a constant struggle with kimonos and maxis that I fall in love with the beautiful patterns but I don’t measure up to wear them because altering for a shorty would destroy the balance of the design.

  14. I understand, Glenda. I have my own body challenges! I appreciate your comment…I know being petite does offer challenges but you can still have fun with clothes!

  15. I am all about the kimono style.. it so flattering.. I am literally obsessed!!! I am very fashion forward but my city is not so much so, but I really don’t care! I dress up and down my kimonos and I’m always on the hunt for a new one.. the perfect places for kimono shopping are Anthropologie, Zara and Aritzia..

  16. Brenda and I have known each other for awhile….San Antonio is really a large, small town. We have a great group of fabulous bloggers here. Thanks for stopping by, Eugenia!

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