Fashion Over 50: Re-Fashioning Summer for Fall

I think we all, over 50 ladies, have garments we love …but perhaps do not understand exactly why??  I am a fan of the brand, Bryn Walker, and see it at my local Dillards.  This Bryn Walker tunic entered my life last year, and I really do love it.  There is just something about this print which makes me smile.. I am not certain as to why I love it like I do….

It is very light and breezy, so I have worn it often in the spring and summer, styling it most often as you see here with a crop or long legging, this Chicos necklace (also an old purchase) and this bag, a Vera Wang from Kohls.  When I went to a recent Fall Trend Style show, I noticed prints similiar to this.  I have also seen textiles in other places with this gray and black athestic for fall 2017….almost a concrete design.  So, it got me to thinking of re-fashioning this garment for a new style this year.I plan to wear it with a different pant…perhaps even a different texture of pant (it might even be my faux leather leggings).  Then I am going to belt it with a fun belt…which may be black or metallic.  Finally I will add a long cardigan jacket on top.  This gets me excited about taking an old garment I love into a new season…and, YES, I will share whatever style I land upon with you here!

Do you have any summer or spring garments you can re-fashion for fall?  Please share your ideas with us…and KEEP SMILING, EVERYONE!

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  1. Love that top, Pam!! Today I am wearing a long, olive green vest. I’ve paired it with a sleeveless white blouse and navy pants. For fall/winter, I’ll pair this vest with black pants and light-weight black turtle neck. I have several long vests and love how versatile they are. Plus they cover-up a multitude of ‘sins.’

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