Processing the Tragedies of Hurricane Harvey

“We’ve Lost Everything”….I have heard those words more in the last week than ever before in my life.  It has taken a few days for me to post about Hurricane Harvey, because he is the rude house guest that just won’t leave.  Last Friday, San Antonio was being prepared for a direct hit.  We all rushed to the grocery stores…stocked up on batteries, water and other supplies and waited for the 30 inches of rain we were predicted to receive.  However, for our city it ended up being two inches and high winds.

Yet, we are all still deeply affected by what happened below us in South Texas.  We all have family, friends, and business associates located throughout these regions hit hard by the storm…especially in Houston.  My nephew and his young family have lost everything.  My esthetician cancelled our appointment dealing with family who lost everything in Rockport and areas of Houston.  My brother and his wife came into town to our home for a bath, laundry room, decent meal and supplies to take back to a town which was hit hard.  There is a deep, deep sadness in South Texas as we hear over and over again, “they lost everything.”

But, in Texas we haven’t lost each other… we take care of our own very well and love each other no matter our differences.  In my town, our streets are filled with extra cars of loved ones coming to stay for awhile…and for Houston it will take so long to recover.  Please consider helping some of these people now stuck in centers who have lost all they have.  The most reliable place to help is the Red Cross.  Just go HERE.  

For people who have to start over and face great economic challenges, prayer is needed and long time support.  Volunteers are needed.  Also, what is needed in our country is a new commitment to love and support one another.  We need to stop this angry vitrol that has grown so prevalent and look at the pictures of different people helping one another through flood waters.  Maybe the aftermath of this giant storm which took so much from so many could actually be….unity, care and love.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Keep Smiing and Caring, please…..





  1. I certainly hope so. If there is anything we all need now is more unity, care and love.

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to reflect.

  2. As a native Houstonian, my heart breaks for the people of Houston. As a native Texan, my heart breaks for all the people on the coast surrounding Corpus Christi. But as an American, what makes my heart swell with pride is how people from everywhere are coming together to help those in need. Texans are a resilient people and the love and prayers of our nation will see them through this crisis.

  3. Thank you for a very poignant post. One can only hope others take it to heart. Glad you are ok. Planning on making a donation as soon as things settle a bit and I know where it will do the most good. Sending love and prayers from Virginia.

  4. Dear Pam, I live in Patagonia and I follow your blog because I admire your positive vision of life (and your looks). Now I feel that I want to send you all of my solidarity and love.

  5. You are so sweet, Ana…thank you and thanks for reading and following. I appreciate this.

  6. Sometimes I think we need these disasters to remind us to draw together. I’m so sorry for those who had indeed lost everything, but so grateful for the glorious stories of caring and compassion.

  7. You are so right, Diane. It has been wonderful to see how people have stepped in to help.

  8. Well said Pam. It would be amazing indeed if the vitriol would just cease and people would help each other. Disasters are always heartbreaking and should serve to remind us of what is really important in life. I think it is encouraging to see all the photos of people really stepping up to help.

  9. I just loved this post, having Facebook friends who are directly impacted. If only the vitriol would just cease – I am so concerned about the possibility of another civil war if we keep going down this path. I will be donating once I am assured of a charity who will devote all the funds I give to this tragedy.

  10. My heartfelt prayers go out to everyone affected by this terrible event. I live in Indiana. One of our water rescue teams was dispatched to Texas on Sunday. The Midwest Food Bank is sending trucks daily filled with all manner of supplies. Many other volunteers are also on the way to help & thousands more of us are donating funds to the charities that are helping. The Hoosier state sends its love & support to the brave folks in Texas. God Bless you all.

  11. I think your concerns are legitimate ones, Alana. I also worry about the same thing. You might research the HOUSTON FOOD BANK as well…the funds go directly to the distribution of food to the people who need it most. Thank you for your comment.

  12. Gotta lpve the Hoosier state! Send a big Texas thank you! This kind of support is awesome and helps all of us to come together when we need it most. Thanks Becky!

  13. We are in Houston. Safe, dry, everything in tact. So many close to us can’t say the same. But the spirit of love, compassion, and unity is amazing. Could this be the turning point for our country? I hope so.

  14. Such heartbreak … I cannot imagine losing everything. I am humbled by each story of loss as well as of strength. It’s ironic that such devastation is a unifying force! Praying for everyone affected by this hurricane.

  15. New York State sends love, prayers and most of all needed donations. Just about every Church and social organization has set up donations to send to those affected by the hurricane. Even local businesses have become involved. Northern neighbors do care.

  16. Thanks Beth…so many need our prayers. You are right about the irony…more love and positive feelings coming out right now…may it remain.

  17. I pray that all of the love that is being shown during this time of crisis continues. We do need more unity and love, our country has gotten to off course.

  18. Thank you, Victoria. It has been a blessing to see and hear all of the love pouring out.

  19. Besides the usual helping, Pam, I am donating 100% of the proceeds from my two books to help Texans affected by the hurricane.

    So glad you are safe and sound.

  20. Adela, this is so generous and do not surprise me at all. I know you have this big of a heart. Thank you

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