“We’ve Lost Everything”….I have heard those words more in the last week than ever before in my life.  It has taken a few days for me to post about Hurricane Harvey, because he is the rude house guest that just won’t leave.  Last Friday, San Antonio was being prepared for a direct hit.  We all rushed to the grocery stores…stocked up on batteries, water and other supplies and waited for the 30 inches of rain we were predicted to receive.  However, for our city it ended up being two inches and high winds.

Yet, we are all still deeply affected by what happened below us in South Texas.  We all have family, friends, and business associates located throughout these regions hit hard by the storm…especially in Houston.  My nephew and his young family have lost everything.  My esthetician cancelled our appointment dealing with family who lost everything in Rockport and areas of Houston.  My brother and his wife came into town to our home for a bath, laundry room, decent meal and supplies to take back to a town which was hit hard.  There is a deep, deep sadness in South Texas as we hear over and over again, “they lost everything.”

But, in Texas we haven’t lost each other… we take care of our own very well and love each other no matter our differences.  In my town, our streets are filled with extra cars of loved ones coming to stay for awhile…and for Houston it will take so long to recover.  Please consider helping some of these people now stuck in centers who have lost all they have.  The most reliable place to help is the Red Cross.  Just go HERE.  

For people who have to start over and face great economic challenges, prayer is needed and long time support.  Volunteers are needed.  Also, what is needed in our country is a new commitment to love and support one another.  We need to stop this angry vitrol that has grown so prevalent and look at the pictures of different people helping one another through flood waters.  Maybe the aftermath of this giant storm which took so much from so many could actually be….unity, care and love.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Keep Smiing and Caring, please…..




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