Fashion Over 50: Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot with Classics

Last week, I introduced you to Brenda in the lovely kimono, but today I would like to discuss the style of the lovely lady next to her, Rossana.  She is the very successful publisher of a Texas publication, Society Diaries, and she always look perfect in classic styles.

Most often when I run into Rossana, she is wearing something very classic, very chic, and usually in neutrals.  The white on white with black pants was perfect for the fashion event we were attending….and she popped this look with these lovely sandals…I am a huge fan of classics. I do not believe they are boring; but, necessary.   A great fit jacket and quality neutrals go a long way for my professional wardrobe. I really prefer the way I look in structured pieces…they do slim down a curvy figure.  I have always admired the messages Rossana sends with her style.  This look is toned down a bit with a more relaxed tee underneath, but I believe it copletely hits the sweet spot.  I have some lovely classic pieces selected for you below….

It’s been fun to stalk some of my friends in order to share a little inspiration for you. I hope you have enjoyed the women you have met and their great styling.  .  I believe this will be the last for the summer…but who knows, I may stalk again!  Here are the other women in case you missed them…Keep Smiling, everyone


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  1. This style is also mine. Like you said Pam, I like the way structured pieces look when I wear them. I do not consider them boring either. They seem to be appropriate for most situations, instill confidence and look chic. I have always dressed in a more classic style and never felt the need to change!

  2. I would rather wear a well fit jacket with a pair of jeans than just about anything. I know you are classics-lady. Thanks for the comment Karen.

  3. I agree, Laurie. I think a solid classic wardrobe with fun accessories and statement pieces is what works for me! She did own it..didn’t she!

  4. I am a block bodied woman, I always wear a shell, pants and a blouse or jacket, (not too big, flowy or fitted, but tailored). I love to see your choices, you look great.

  5. Thank you for joining in the conversation, Gayle. Sounds like you have learned the power of a great fit jacket!

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